Comprehensive list of core player feedback for Halo Infinite

First of all, as a long time Halo fan, the core gameplay is extremely fun and very, well… Halo. However this is all of the issues I see with Halo Infinite in descending order of importance to the game’s longevity. I have gathered points from the community and my friends as well as my own thoughts from the play time I’ve had so far.

  1. XP progression
    We all know XP and battle pass progression needs to be worked on. Here’s how specifically.
    • XP for kills, medals, playing objective, game completions, and wins.
      • Without this in place players are simply ignoring the objective in place of trying to complete challenges, because that’s really all that matters right now.
      • Challenges should be an extra bonus to per match XP as a way to speed up progression beyond performing well during a match.
    • 343 Industries previously said they don’t want progression through the battle pass to become a second job. But as is that is exactly what it’s become to anyone who wants to be able to complete a pass before the next comes out. Yes they don’t expire but this should be a feature for people who can only play a couple hours a week. Then again with it taking 80+ hours to complete a pass, this group of people will never be able to get most of the things in any battle pass.
  2. Playlists
    As a core aspect of Halo from the start, playlists allow players to choose what game mode they want to
    spend their time playing.
    • Quickplay
      • Quickplay is all encompassing for all 4v4 game modes. This should be removed and replaced with the traditional system of individual game mode playlists.
      • Players now will queue up for quickplay trying to play a specific game mode only to be put into a completely different mode (think of how different Oddball is to Slayer). This will cause players to leave before the game starts, giving that team bots and putting them at a disadvantage.
        • While bots are a very welcome addition to the game to fill in player slots, they should not have to put into games so often.
    • Increase radar range across all modes to match the range in competitive. Lower range on non ranked modes not only makes less sense, but also makes the radar in general inconsistent and difficult to read when going from ranked to non ranked.
    • Ranked
      • There needs to be a way to de-rank. Halo 3 did it right with 2 points for wins and -1 for losses.
        • Right now everyone will get to max rank with nothing stopping them, taking away the whole point of having a ranked system in the first place.
    • Map voting and general pre-game lobbies notably are missing.
    • Missing Playlists
      • FFA, SWAT, Team Snipers, King of The Kill, and other casual playlists like GriffBall, Firefight and Infection are all missing.
    • CTF and Oddball
      • Flag and ball carriers are put in a terrible position now with the lack of offensive abilities.
        • The ball carrier should always have a one hit kill especially with their movement being so slowed.
        • If the flag carrier doesn’t have a flagnum equivalent then they should have slightly increased melee speed or just a one hit melee kill with the flag.
      • The non one hit kill on the Oddball is arguably more important with how important that aspect is to the community favorite game mode GriffBall.
    • Theater
      • Currently theater mode is completely out of the way put into sub menus. This needs to be brought out to the main menus as I had no idea theater mode was even in the game until I had to look it up.
      • Camera should lock onto your POV when opening the replay and stay locked to your POV of choice.
        • When opening theater mode you start on a different player than yourself and have to scroll through to find your POV.
        • When dying the camera will switch to a random different player meaning you have to find your
          POV again.
        • Rewinding through the timeline will switch your camera to whoever’s POV you were previously on at that point. The camera should be locked to the player you last selected not the player you selected on that point in the timeline.
      • Camera replay needs to be more in sync with where the player was looking. Currently the reticle will be completely off target and the player will get the kill which obviously will ruin any high skill clip someone might want to share.
    • BTB
      • Heavy vehicles need to spawn sooner as in most games they just aren’t present.
      • Players in a fireteam will have a high chance of not having fireteam name tag colors on their friends but instead on randoms. This is not major but very odd and would be a nice fix for QOL.
      • BR starts might improve the gameplay and give players a better chance at fighting off air vehicles and power weapons across the map. Again this is not major but I have seen a few people mentioning frustration with BTB AR starts with it’s closer range compared to the larger maps.
  3. Credits
    Credits are the premium currency for Infinite with the shop having rotating offers of cosmetics.
    • Credits cost too much to buy with real world money. $200 for all of the current offers in the shop excluding HCS armor coatings is too much. Especially keeping in mind there will be new offers next week.
    • Credits should be gained through challenges and battle pass level progression.
      • Right now credits feel non player friendly and predatory to get players to buy the cosmetics with absolutely no way to earn them through playing the game.
  4. Customization
    Currently customization as a whole is in a decently good spot, but the addition of armor cores has
    introduced new challenges for developers. However right now customization has never been this divided
    among itself.
    • Armor coatings
      • Currently armor coatings are locked behind specific armor cores. This puts them in an even further spot from where previous Halo games were with custom colors.
      • I’m not sure why this choice would be made as I don’t have eyes behind the scenes, but with my experience as a 3D artist and as a fan of Destiny with a similar shader system… I believe this was due to poor planning on behalf of programmers and artists at 343i. In Destiny there are sections applied to armor that the shaders will see and apply colors depending on the value given to that part of the armor. This should be a similar system to how armor coatings work and would allow for coatings to be applied across armor cores.
    • General armor pieces.
      • Chest pieces right now are all grey and unaffected by armor coatings. This should definitely be changed as the pieces not only don’t look like a part of the armor, but cover up part of the armor coatings when they could add more variety to them. Some pieces might stay grey or black, but pieces like the ODST and Georges chest should 100% take coatings.
      • To a similar point as armor coatings, I don’t see why we can’t put the shoulders and helmets etc. from one armor core set on another armor core. (aside from possibly chest pieces since armor cores like Mark VI chest pieces have such drastically different shapes.
      • There should be points on the armor where the customization pieces will snap on to in order to apply them to the armor. If this is already implemented there should be no issue applying shoulders, knees, gloves, and helmets.
    • Armor cores (extended)
      • With the “Fractures” armor coatings being non cannon alternate universe Halo armor options it may make sense for their armor to be completely self contained with no cross over from other cores, however there should still be cross over of armor coatings across any and all armor cores.
    • Premium armor kits (such as HCS kits) should add the armor coating to your inventory to apply to any armor of your choice instead of being locked to the kit. In time people will want to use their own armor and largely stop using the kits.
    • The body types should deform the armor and not just the under suit as it has with any previous Halo title. Right now it just looks awkward and has little to no impact on how your spartan actually looks.
  5. Optimization
    • Opening and using menus is extremely slow on my set up with an i7 CPU and an RTX 2060 GPU. This issue wasn’t present during the flights I took part in. When in a game it seems to run smoothly.

Aiming is still a huge issue for a large amount of people.
Also as far as playlists go I’d say this game is in desperate need of MCC’s match composer.
Also there’s nothing stopping coatings from working on different cores, bots can spawn with full cross core customization, including coatings and there’s a but on the waypoint app that lets you see coatings on other cores.


I’d put a toggle for this as I actually like that they are grey rather than purple.


I like this, I just edited that some parts could stay grey or black but this would be a nice additional step forward since there’s going to be differing opinions on it now.


I agree on your points 1, 2, and to some degree 5. As far as credits; the game is free… as far as I’m concerned, they could make everything cost a thousand dollars and they’d be within their rights. You don’t need any of the stuff in the store, and the game itself is free. Sure I’d love more free cool cosmetic stuff, but the real thing that matters is the game, which is not currently making them any revenue, so I get it. They gotta get paid somehow.

On the customization point, I think there’s some truth to what you’re saying, but again it doesn’t really effect gameplay, so I’m not that worried about it. I’d much rather they worry about fixing gameplay-centric issues, such as the diffiuclt-to-read UI, the all-but-useless tiny radar size (in Arena and BTB), and the issues with custom games not working.

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My number 1 biggest frustration is aiming, I’m someone who has played shooters for over 20 years and I still play more or less every day even in my 30s, my accuracy is not something that I lack as a skill but in Halo infinite I can’t find a satisfying or consistent level of aim with anything, the whole game just feels wonky to me and I can’t seem to find a sensitivity that I can enjoy no matter what, there’s “something” off with it and I don’t know if it’s a bug or just the way the game is built but unless it’s changed I won’t be playing this long term.


A lot of players I’ve played with have been booted from the game and unable to rejoin.
I’m currently experiencing an issue where my screen freezes and I have to simply restart halo infinite. Makes for a pretty depressing ranked experience, not only for who ever is disconnecting but also for everyone else in the game.

Is it even possible to make a list like this? Anyway,


The lack of heavy vehicle play needs to be added to this. I remember reading the feedback thread after the last flight and there was a clear consensus that this vehicle progression thing needed to change. People were playing a lot of BTB and not even seeing a single tank anywhere.


have you tried comparing aim acceleration on/off? I found it made a small but significant difference in my accuracy

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I agree that you don’t need anything in the store, which is why I haven’t bought anything from it. But it’s more about not making players feel extorted out of their money and that they at least have some choice on if they want to whip out their wallet or not if there’s something only available in the store and with FOMO they aren’t sure when it’ll be back. Also if the prices are lower they will get more people buying the credits overall and in turn get more money in their pockets -since it costs nothing to make credits of course.

Most of the stuff in the post is about QOL. Such as you could just have the armor coatings locked to armor cores and that would technically be fine but its better for player customization if they aren’t.

I agreed with basically everything but BR starts in BTB.

Here’s why.

They make vehicles play a more threatening role and they make other weapons shine rather than having the entire lobby have access to the equivalent of a long range laser. The Wasp would see less use with everyone just shooting it down, making things like the Skewer and shock weaponry play less of a role for vehicles than intended. That and people will just use the large size maps to just snipe each other out rather than running in.

AR starts encourage people to scavenge for weapons, but this doesn’t make the AR itself weak as it is very much reliable in mid to close range.

Having everyone have BRs would bring less variety in playstyles on BTB.

Other than that, this post was formal and organized, and I hope we can get 343 to see this.


Pretty sure I agree with everything in this list, which saves me a lot of writing I guess, good job! Get on it 343.


I was playing Infinite for hours, from launch to now. And it was ONLY today that I saw a Wraith for the first time in BTB.


Same here. I actually came on here initially planning to compile the criticisms, but this mad lad was way ahead!


Honestly I’m not a big fan of the idea of BR starts in BTB but a had a couple of my friends saying it and saw it on here a couple times so I thought I’d just throw it in

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Yeah that sums up all my complaints. Good job.


On Challenges, I think it’s important that we note they have a separate issue from the XP issue. Because they are tied to a weekly exclusive unlock, unless that changes (either the challenges get a lot easier or the time limit on the unlocks goes away), the problem with the challenges will persist.

The XP challenge could be instantly mitigated by changing the daily to reward every match and every win. Not fixed, mind you, but mitigated.

The one thing I’d add to this is the lack of variety in body types but it’s a relatively minor issue compared to the rest of the issues even if it does impact my comfort.


I think 3 days is too soon to say on how fair the weekly challenges exclusive unlock is… once the battle pass progression is fixed we’ll have access to more challenge swaps more frequently and at that point we’ll be in a better spot to talk about if the weekly unlock requires too much to unlock.

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Thanks! I forgot to add this in!

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