Complex - Strategy

“You see, Red Team is using a highly advanced strategy of Jetpacking up there and then having some other players using Camouflage to camouflage themselves while hiding up there”.

… I don’t think I’ve ever heard something so utterly pathetic.

Can’t you hear the sarcasm. It’s a satirical criticism of how bad the map and the game play is.

I can hear it, but someone has to like the map and that is how you win, so…

… you never know.

I wouldn’t be surprised, given how he was still trying to capitalise on how popular that crap map is.

lol i liked it. Fricking hate complex…played it 3 times in a row last night, who votes for it lol?

It gets voted in because noobs will playing anything with a ghost and sword on it and the people who think they’re “pro” vote for it so they can camp with DMR and rack up an easy 20+ k/d.


Complex is the new Snowbound.

Complex is so much worse than snowbound mate.

But I thought Snowbound was okay…

Edit: Actually I didn’t care for the maps much. Which ever one had team BRs/BR Slayer was the one I picked.

> Complex is the new Snowbound.


snowbound was fun tho.