Complex and Abandon CTF Unbalanced

These two maps are completely uneven for CTF. On Complex, the blue team just needs to go up a lift then he has great cover, while the red team is placed in a meadow and has a building that is wide open too. Abandon is just as uneven, because you have one flag again in the open while the other is up a lift where someone can grab it and just drop down. Overall, its the placements of these flags.

I know complex is real bad for CTF… I use to think is was a great map… I got put into the middle of a match were the Red team was Spawn trapping, and grabbing flags. After popping up a few times I notice how easy it was to do this to the Blue team… just by watching their kill cams and how they did it. Which on Complex it is not hard to gain control for awhile just by sitting on top of the bridge buildings.

the only fair flag map is the halo 3 remake