completionsists don't deserve anything!!!

(I want to clarify, this is about the philosophy of completionists and how they are ruining the relationship between consumer and developer and it’s implications for Halo 4 and future Halo games. This is in no way, shape, or form supposed to emulate other threads, this is a separate issue and one that needs to be addressed).

I keep seeing bs angel spout this word “completionist” over and over again.

I think it is plain limited, unethical, and deceitful.

From what I gather, Completionists are people who want exclusive armors (or things not available to everyone) and think they are entitled to them, even though they did not pay for it. Apparently, bs angel and 343i agree. (which I think is the dumbest thing I ever heard).

But let me ask you all this, if 343i said a weapon skin or armor was exclusive, then they say that they want to support these un-entitled completionsists, what is the point? Why lie to us?

Why should we care about them? What makes people who did not pay extra for content deserve content? How is this fair to people who actually spent more money?

This is not just with Halo 4 but important to consider about future Halo games. I don’t think 343i or many of these entitled feeling kids understand, people want exclusive armors BECAUSE they are rarer, I GUARANTEE you that once something is easily believable, no one will use it. It is highly ironic imo.

But my point is this, I don’t think anyone who didn’t buy a certain something is entitled to it. Just because someone bought a Mustang down the street doesn’t mean I am entitled to get a new mustang too, for free. This completionist thing is really stupid and 343i, you are screwing over people who pay you more money. 343i, you have to make a choice here and now, it is simple, either say nothing is exclusive or that there is exclusive content.

You are doing no one any favors by giving people everything. And also, no one person should be able to get every single thing in the game. If that happens, especially in ore than 1 occurance, you are doing something wrong.

Thank you for reading my wall of text and i hope 343i reconsiders giving self-entitled people who pay nothing any extra exclusive content.