Completing every gold medal on Legendary

So I’ve had this game long enough where my OCD is kicking in and I want to get a gold medal on every legendary mission. Problem is, I’ve come to one glaring realization. Some are not only hard (Arcadia City, btw is one of the easiest ones contrary to popular belief) but they’re IMPOSSIBLE without skulls. Take Arcadia outskirts for example. The mission objectives will grant you a total of 3500 points if you complete them all. Now factor in a perfect time bonus, and a perfect combat bonus (x5.00 each) and you reach 38500, but you need 40000 to get gold! Am I missing some objective in some far off corner or something?

Some of the other missions that are a problem:
Repairs. Getting the 12 spirits is pretty damn annoying without getting flooded by hunters. The mission is kinda hard to complete unless you ignore all other objectives to begin with.

Relic approach. I always just get bronze here. Combat bonus is an issue. The hunters just seem way stronger than they should be.

Scarab. I just don’t know a good build order or an attack plan to get this done ASAP.

Is anyone else looking to accomplish this that would want to do co-op? Feel free to add me. Helios68

For Relic Approach. Build Cobras and a few Scorpions. Go ge the extra reinforcements. You can snipe the Covie base from behind with ease.

Arcadia Outskirts is a difficult mission. I send Jerome and Douglas to the Megaturret spawn so they destroy it before it can do anything to my base. If you were careful not to lose anyone on your way to the crater, you can easily defend. Train some additional tanks when you can. And you will occasionaly get reinforcements from a Pelican. Try to keep at least the Cobra alive. If you lose all of those reinforcements, then more will arrive, and they can be easily shot down, decreasing your combat bonus.

For Scarab. Train Scorpions. As soon as you have 3 fully upgraded, send them to the right to destroy power nodes, then hide them in the Black Box area. Send another group of 3 scorpions to the left to destroy the other power nodes. You should complete the Locust objective in the process. Attack with all the scorpions available. Keep them at either side of the Scarab, and when its head is about to spot them, tell one of the scorpions to move to the other side of the scarab. It will try to follow this tank and delay it. Leave the Rhinos locked in the base. They are a good defense in case of an attack.

And for Repairs, train a couple extra Hawks, send the Wolverines and Marines to protect the Cyclops, the Spartans and Forge to the middle area, and start training as many Cyclopses as you can. After 4 minutes, the amount of Covenant spammed at you is crazy, so better finish up quickly. Also, use Regen on the Core occassionaly, that speeds it up a bit.

For Relic Approach, I trained Scorpions only (I think there where 7) and upgraded to Canister Shell. Then, I sent them directly to the refinery (I also sent 1 marine squad to get the Warthogs, which I apgraded to RPG to destroy the shield generator with one hit). After that, I sent the tanks to the Covenant base to attack it from behind, I think it’s easier this way because there aren’t so many Hunters that can reach you there. I used some kind of Hit and Run tactic: go, use Canister Shell to kill/destroy pack of Hunters/turret/main base, and then retreat. I suggest you save before each attack, and if you like the results and didn’t lose any tanks (which is important) then save again (remember to heal, of course). It’s kind of complicate; sometimes you gotta control each Scorpion individually to fire two Canister Shells at one pair of Hunters and still be able to destroy another one with another two shots. Also, you can kill those Hunters with normal shots by concentrating all the Scorpions’ fire at one pack. Sometimes you rely on luck, which is why I suggest you save and load a lot as needed. It’s worth mentioning that activating the Sugar Cookie (which I did, yay!) helps a lot; and at the end, right before the mission ends, activate all the debuff skulls to reduce the point’s penalty (which isn’t so bad if you do it fastly). Also, for the final part, I made a run with all my tanks to the detonator, sometimes using one or two Canister Shells to kill the Hunters in the way. I made it to the end without losing any tank!

In Arcadia Outskirts (again, I used Sugar Cookie), at the start, I took the lower path and left one marine squad at the Reactor (they are safe there, even from the Mega Turret!!!) and then used the Spartans to clear the base area (I used them because if they die, I think it doesn’t count for the Combat Bonus. Also, they resurrect, lol). At the base, I put the Rocket Launcher and the Sniper Spartans covering in the debris (they resist a lot). I built a Field Armory to upgrade the Mac Cannon at least to x2, and an Air Pad to train Vultures. Now, this is the tricky part for when the Mega Turret appears (I didn’t try what DHG Siul S249 suggests, but I personally prefer to leave all the Spartans at the base): I sent Forge to the Mega Turret, going directly to where the Spirit was at the start of the mission (you’ll know where it is; it’s kind of close to some Supply Crates), and got the Mac Cannon ready. Just when the Wraith that is guarding the Turret is visible, I shot twice to destroy it immediatly (generally, the Wraith is next to the Turret, so it will get damaged too). Forge (whom evaded the first Mega Turret shots) can easily clear the rest of the enemies around. Now, leave Forge right south of the Turret, almost hugging the wall, and he can take the Mega Turret by his own! But (which is why I said it’s tricky) sometimes the Turret will aim at Forge (I think it happens randomly); at this moment you have to move Forge to the north of the Turret and then return to the “hug the wall” position; don’t take him too far or he could call the attention of enemies if there are some going towards your base. I really suggest you save now and then while you are managing your base and keeping an eye in Forge. Everytime you dodge a the shots, save; if he dies, load. Eventually, you’ll destroy the Turret and you can build the 2nd base and defend it with turrets and Forge only. When you train 3 Vultures, it’s a piece of cake (I even destroyed the Covenant base just as the Omega Team appeared!).

For Scarab, DHG Siul S249’s suggestion is perfect. That’s kind of what I did, and it worked. Again, I used Sugar Cookie! It helps a lot when facing Hunters.

Repairs is kind of a unique level. It’s really annoying, but I discovered a “secret” thanks to a YouTube video. You don’t have to get the optional Spirits mission! You can get exactly the 32000 points for the gold medal with only the main objectives. I found out that the more units you create, the harder it is to get a x10 in Combat Bonus, so I basically did this: 1st, sent the lonely Cyclop to repairing; 2nd, took the 2 Hawks to the core; 3rd, built the 4 turrets in the Spartans/Wolverines area and leaved those units there; and, from this moment, I alternated between healing the core with the Repair ability, and training Cyclopses BUT just until I got 12! Believe me, I trained around 20 once, and got a really low Combat Bonus (don’t know why). Just try to not get past 12. Also, at some points, I improved the 4 central turrets to anti-infantry and built the 2 turrets in the core area. Of course, I activated Sugar Cookie, and, right at the end, when Cutter says that the core is repaired, I activated the debuff skulls (I discovered also that the skulls’ bonus/penalty applies only to the objectives that get completed after the skulls are activated. So, because all the objectives in this mission get completed at the end, you get all the bonus of the debuff skulls, denying the Sugar Cookie penalty and giving you a little more, 280 points to be precise). If you do all of this, you’ll get 2000 for objectives, 20000 for Combat Bonus, 10000 for Time Bonus and, if using the skulls, 280 or more, totalizing 32000+.

Here is the link to the video:
Mission 12: Repairs - Legendary - Gold Medal

Let us know how it went!

Due to me watching AGDQ’s speedrun’s marathons and other such videos, I’ve been considering the scripts and triggers that make things happen in this game and how or when they happen. So I’ve come to realize a few things while doing these attempts.

On Arcadia outskirts, the Jerome and Douglas advice worked so well, it worked TOO well. With the mega turret gone I could build an army so fast that I ended up attacking the covenant base at around 17:00, but it turns out that you’re NOT supposed to do that. You HAVE to wait for Omega team to arrive (which they do at 20:30) and then complete the mission since the game doesn’t trigger the objective to destroy the base until after that. With 8-9 spartan PT tanks it ended up being pretty easy and I used so flamethrowers as fodder to get rid of any annoying EHG and hunters. PS: Spartans in garrisons are f*cking insane, even though I’m sure everyone already knew that.

On repairs, I have ZERO clue how you and that guy in the video managed to not only finish with a perfect combat bonus, but how you managed to do it before the giant wave of spirits came in. It turns out that at 2:00 there is a lull of no enemies attacking you and at 3:00 you get nearly endless waves of spirits. There is also another variable, the number of cyclopses you have determines when that huge swarm of covies show up, although even with just 1 cyclops, it does eventually arrive. Using pain train and bountiful harvest skulls I managed to get 12 cyclopses at around 2:20 so when 3 mins hits (I’m sure it’s impossible to finish before that) you have so many enemies you can’t handle them all. Even the guy in the video finished at 5 mins. Using skulls and various unit comps I either came up short on the combat bonus or time bonus. So in the end, I said screw it, and got the spirits. 5-6 wolverines and hawks each gets the spirits objective, thins the amount of enemies coming aboard, and gives you easy kills for the combat bonus. All the objectives finally gave me the gold even with a pretty dismal 2~ish time bonus. The four turrets in the middle section were key, however. I never thought they would be able to slow that many enemies down, but most importantly save pop space.

Scarab took me two tries, since the first time I didn’t have the timings down. Something interesting, I think the nodes that power the scarab’s head reduce the speed by 50% each. You can see the dramatic difference when the first node is destroyed but by the last 2 or 3 it almost doesn’t make any difference. I think with a stopwatch you could calculate it but I already got gold so I don’t really care to try.

Relic Approach is still usually a disaster.

I’ve been giving Dome of Light a shot. The obvious trigger here is getting a rhino to each point. I think after the 3rd Rhino hunters get mega beam. It seems simple enough but the gatekeeper here is time. You can outmuscle most everything with enough tanks but it’s harder to finish before 15 mins that way especially with hunters and banshees chipping away at their health as you build. You can easily get the drop on the outposts before they’re built but the shades tear infantry up so fast so you need tanks. An oxide tank flamer army seems to be quicker to make but they can’t take down the outposts very well. The last two rhino positions also have to have tanks to bring down the locusts and wraiths.

The last mission I also only have bronze in. Trying to see if going counter-clockwise, or clockwise or microing two fronts is quicker.


In repairs, I literally have finished right as the insane wave arrives. My best time is somehwere near 3:30, and thats because I was spamming the Healing on the core.

What did you try for Relic Approach? As I said before, using Cobras to snipe the base from behind worked perfect for me. It only took way longer than PAR time.

For Dome of Light, I have always missed PAR time for about 5 minutes. My strategy involves getting the 2 extra generators ASAP, then upgrade turrets to max. After that, I upgrade Reserves and Reinforcements. I like to train 5 Wolverines and fill the rest of the population with Scorpions. I will send the 5 Wolverines to the 1st area, 3 will be at the very front, and the other 2, in the passage that connects to area 2. Before I place my first Rhino, I send all the Scorpions to the second area, so they instantly blow up everything that spawns in there. Leave 4 Scorpions guarding the first two Rhinos. The Wolverines should destroy most Spirits, but in a couple occassions there are too many. The 3rd Rhino can clear the are by itself, and needs no defending AT ALL. Right before you place it, send the Spartans and Forge to the 4th position, and your remaining Scorpions to the 5th. They will spawnkill anything in there. Make sure you use Canister Shell on the Shades at the 5th area, and when you are done leave the units right there as some Spirits will arrive soon after. Also, remember the Rhinos don’t have to roll all the way to the areas, you can use Transport anytime to speed it up.

Escape was a mission that had me raging. The fact that most Covenant tech is fully upgraded is the absolute worst when you are barely making your first supply pad. This is what I did when I finally got it:

Capture 3 Supply elevators. Have the Spartans capture 3 Locusts and go counter-clock destroying the Covenant bases. Don’t get too deep into their territory or you can end up losing the Locusts. Use their long range to your advantage.

So the Covenant will attack your base very often. You have to sacrifice your resources on occassion and carpet bomb where their units gather to delay or at least weaken their attacks. If they still get to attack you, you should have fully upgraded turrets as soon as you can to be prepared and two Cobras locked down at the back of the base.

Priority: Upgrade your turrets and capture additional bases.

Overtime, train some Vultures and upgrade your MAC. Use the Vultures to clear the Flood infested side of the mission while your Spartan controled Locusts push into the Covenant area.

NOTE: NEVER build a base where the second Covenant base was at. If you destroy their Scarab, another one will spawn RIGHT THERE.

If you want to get the Scarab objective, the best way to do it is to open the gate they are standing on.

Additionaly, right past the Covenant controled area there is a Megaturret you can capture and fire at will.

Now as a final reminder, this mission is very tricky and it will mess up really easily. It will take you a bunch of tries to get Gold.

> Now as a final reminder, this mission is very tricky and it will mess up really easily. It will take you a bunch of tries to get Gold.

Hahahaha. Umm… I just got it after 3 tries… Well three FULL tries. Was probably about 6 restarts. I think you were trying just a little too hard to be fancy. If you get the 3 scarabs you get 4000 points and even with a very low time bonus that was still enough. Once again, the spartans are so strong they’re all you need. I took the elevators to the left and right of your starting position. These along with 4 Heavy supply pads give you so many resources. I went clockwise and kept the covenant from ever building the second base. Instead of making any troops I simply got super mac blast, and mac blasted the first scarab after it was done fighting some super sentinels that bring it’s hp down about a 5th. After that it’s build up like normal (you can take the second base where the covenant build, it’s their original base that brings in the extra scarabs) I saved cryo and Mac for when ever there was a scarab I needed to take out. Everything may be fully upgraded but with 2 full bases and 3 elevators you get enough resources to upgrade everything of your own. Then Just drop odsts anywhere that flood or covenant deactivated while the main army clears the northern most locks. Getting the Scarabs ASAP is definitely the way to go since that gives half of the max objective score you can get.

Shield World and Beachhead I’m still missing as well. I might have gotten Dome if I had known that with the third rhino, no ODST’s drop to help defend it, and I dropped it off on the spot so it didn’t actually try to defend itself. Just like you, the problem is doing the mission fast and like I said tanks are going to take way too long to get under 15 mins. I can get par easily but only on the last end of it where it only gives about 1.7 multiplier. Under par is completely different.