Completely Unique Promethean Vehicle Body-Upgrades

So we’ve all thought of Promethean vehicles that should be added to Halo 5. I was originally against this, saying how Knights can teleport, Crawlers can climb walls, and Watchers can fly. However, now I have thought of a way vehicles could be added to the campaign AND multiplayer.

Prometheans are AI. That means their body can change, but their mind stays the same. That’s why shapeshifting Prometheans should be a thing. Not only that, but they should be able to rearrange themselves and merge with vehicle add-ons that allow for different combat. Let’s say the Prometheans need more heavy firepower to fight the Flood. A Forerunner pod drops down, and a Promethean Knight merges with it, transforming into a giant tank, with armor surrounding it. It wouldn’t just be a mount, but more of an addition to the body. That’s how War Sphinxes work with Forerunners.

I have several ideas in mind, like a air-transport and anti-infantry ship, a tank, and a “light bike”. Let’s look at the bike. A Promethean would go into the horizontal bike, and the bike would have a LightRifle-like gun on the front. You could destroy the vehicle of course, but you could also try to shoot for gaps in the armor, killing the Promethean Knight and allowing yourself to drive this vehicle. The bike would form around the player, and you would be able to drive this vehicle, that would play different from a Ghost.

This would open up so much more for Prometheans, instead of keeping the bullet-sponges some people believe them to be. It would create more dynamic gameplay for campaign and multiplayer, specifically BTB. 343i could do something extremely unique with this concept.
What do you think?