Completed the same challenge twice by mistake.

Ain’t sure where to post this.

Hey, I’m currently ‘fighting’ with my internet connection to xbla, meaning I get disconnected once a while.
I was playing score attack on corvette to earn the challenges. One of them was the killing spree challenge.
I completed it immediately, earning 2k credits. After I had around 60 kills my console got disconnected, so I quickly unplugged the cable and plugged it back in, then connected to xbla. It worked, although all my kills I had for the challenge were reset. I continued playing and earned the spree challenge again.
At the end I got 4k credits for the challenge. I’m a fair guy, so 343 can take 2k credits away.

I just hope I won’t get credit banned/reset for this. I recently was quitting a lot of games due to disconnects.
I hope a patch fixes it as well.