Completed the battlepass... Now I feel empty

Please please please hurry up after the holidays to make an actual progression system purely for boasting and accomplishment. One that can’t be bought.
The other titles had it, and we need it back - fast.
MCC works great regarding to rank and such, please do something about this in infinite immediately.
I completed the battlepass and now I feel empty.
People say I can now play for fun… POP! yay!

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Agreed, once I get 5 splatters for the ultimate reward I have nothing to play for over the next 6 days. I will go back to mcc

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congratulations, now you get to play the game without the stress of making sure you’re on a specific map on a specific mode with a specific power weapon you need in hopes of getting to said weapon before anybody else and spending the entire match hoping to get a single kill with it

have fun

Let’s not even get started on the rewards for weekly challenges since the coating from week 1.

I wasn’t playing for the weekly challenges, but for the progression of the battlepass. Any form of progression will do. I like the game and I do have fun, but let’s be real - I need a sense of progression.