completed on legendary, won't show in Waypt

I’m sure this has been posted before, but I can’t search topics on my phone. Lame.
So I beat Reach on Legendary, but it won’t show up on Waypoint. I’m 95% sure I did it all in one save. I’m trying to get the CQB and the MP helmets. I’ve met all the requirements except the campaign completion. I really don’t want to run through it on legendary again, so if I go through on normal in one save, will Waypoint finally realize that I’ve done it on Legendary as well?

Go back and replay noble actual and lone wolf. Even if you just quickly run out and die on lone wolf. I have been told that noble actual does not count but I would redo it anyway. However lone wolf does and you very well may find that you havent completed it. Play through both my suggested levels and report back as to if you got it or not. Also remember that it may take a while to show on waypoint.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot and let you know.

Okay, so I tried playing both Noble Actual and Lone Wolf, waited a couple days, still nothing. It’s possible that I didn’t play it through in one save. Should I try going through on normal on one save? (I really don’t want to have to do that, but I will if I don’t have any other option.) It’s just that legendary was SUCH a pain in the neck, and I’m hoping Waypoint will realize that I did it on legendary if I go through again on normal.
Why don’t they just go off the achievement? Seems like the programming to do that would be simpler and less buggy.

> Okay, so I tried playing both Noble Actual and Lone Wolf, waited a couple days, still nothing. It’s possible that I didn’t play it through in one save. Should I try going through on normal on one save? (I really don’t want to have to do that, but I will if I don’t have any other option.)

You need to go to your service record on Reach. If it says Legendary then you’ve done it on Legendary. That means it’s Waypoint. If it says anything else then you’ve missed a mission. Simple.

Or go to your Campaign menu and scroll down each individual mission. It should say the highest campaign difficulty on Solo and Co-Op. Check this and you might find the culprit level.

I’ll do that next chance I get and let you know. But the weird part is that I actually got the achievement for completing it solo on legendary (Gods Must Be Strong, I think?).

Sorry for the long delay. Don’t game a whole lot with a wife and kid. Okay, I pull my service record and there is no symbol at all under “single player”, but the “achievements” window right next to it shows that I got “a monument to all your sins” and “gods must be strong”. Tried deleting and re-installing Waypoint, to no avail. Any more ideas? I’m willing to try just about anything at this point. I earned that armor, -Yoink!-! Lol

All I can say is check halowaypoint. Halo reach armour does have other requirements than jus a monument to all your sins.
Provided you have done legendary odst and halo 3 and not sure if Im correct on this but pink mist is an achv Im sure, then you should have the armour as well as being rank 30 in halo medals.

Halowaypoint shows you as having solo complete legendary atleast to me it does.
I would check waypoint on the 360 again and if you have no luck, check you have all the other achvs required. Thats the best I can do to be honest. If it only required co.op I would run throught it with you jus to be sure.

I completed odst on legendary, but not halo 3. I also have fear the pink mist. I thought I didn’t need halo 3 on legendary to get the base modelsof cqb and mp. Where can I check the requirements? It’s in waypoint, I imagine?

I think you need the reach blamite achievement aswell. You can only check the armour reqs. on the console’s waypoint sadly.

Mine doesn’t show up either. Beat it on L about month ago and I have the achievement but wont show on waypoint…frustrating.

Just because you have the monument achv doesnt mean it will show as complete. Try playing through lone wolves and noble actual as I recommended to the OP. That very well may be your problem. Let me know if it works.

I seen this topic when it started and I went and tried that. I did see on Lone W it said I hadn’t completed on L so thought that would do it but still nothing…replayed both Lone W and Noble A.

I never had a problem like that before, but i agree with Sidious, try replaying Lone Wolves.

I just checked waypoint on the 360 hub. Some of the achvs you need are the needler achvs from halo 3, odst and halo reach. Halo reach completed legendary (solo) and halo 3 completed legendary and odst complete heroic.
The other requirements are and this starts off low on the first base helmet is level 15 halowaypoint progression up to level 30 for the last helmet. (A first strike in reach mm is another achv needed).
Im not sure how many combined halo achvs you need to get to level 15 but I wouldnt imagine its very many.
Go to waypoint and click on reach stats then again on your spartan model and on the far left is the unlockable reach armour. Click on each armour piece individually and it will show you its requirements also check that you are atleast a level 15 in halowaypoint medals (progress in levels on waypoint is dictated by the amount of combined halo achvs you have unlocked in halo 3, odst, halo wars and reach).

Please let us know how you get on and I will try to help you further if need be. Good luck.

It also may just be that you need to visit waypoint for it to scan your achvs. The armour doesnt just show up when you have the achvs you need to scan your profile on waypoint. This will be done automatically when you enter the site so dont worry its not hard to do.
Once unlocked they will appear at the very bottom of the reach armoury.

I dont understand why some people are getting this glitch so badly ?

I had the same problem on my main account. I had the legendary solo achv but wouldnt show as complete legendary solo. I played through lone wolf and noble actual and that worked for me. It was a friend that told me they counted in order to show as complete on the site. It seems that either your very unlucky and waypoint isnt updating for you or there is something your missing.

I know its clutching at straws but try doing it again on legendary noble actual and lone wolf without any skulls on and without campaign scoring on and also it may be boring but dont skip any of it. Watch all of noble and all the end credits after lone wolf. Let me know how you get on.

The OP’s progress does show complete legendary solo now but your doesnt I checked.

Right now I have a 59 waypoint score or whatever it is. I’ve got a lot of halo achievements, maybe not the ones I need, but almost certain I have all the needler ones…only ones I don’t have are most of the co-op ones due to most of my friends love cod and gears…I’ve beat 3 and odst on L… I know I beat all but 3 levels on Reach alone on L…Last 3 had a buddy help me…That might be reason???

yea I was thinking about skulls and scoring too…i’ll try that tonight.

So killjoy do you have the monument to all your sins achv then ? because I thought you said you did ?

If a friend helped you do the last 3 levels then that is your problem. If you need help I can run through the levels solo and put the vids in my fileshare. Theres alot of areas you can run past and tricks you can do that makes legendary solo pretty easy when you know how.

Killjoy I think what your trying to say is you have legendary complete achv as in gods must be strong but you dont have a monument to all your sins. (which is the solo achv).

Yes in order for it to show as complete legendary you will need to do the levels that you havent played co.op.
Just because you filled in the banks solo and co.op combined means you got the achv and finished legendary but its not showing as you need to run through all of reach co.op.

If you want send me a message later it may be easier if we do it 2gether. I will run through the legendary campaign co.op with you the entire thing noble to the very last end credit and it should then show as complete co.op legendary on waypoint.