Completed multiple Fracture: Tenrai challenges but power went out

Hey I completed 3 Tenrai challenges in one match. We’ve got a massive storm going on and it knocked my power out. I figured like most challenges they would just remain unfinished and I’d have to get them again however they’re gone so this will stop me from being able to get all of the unlocks for the week. :confused:

If they’re gone, though unaccounted for you’d have better luck making a Halo Support ticket.

I dont see any place to make a support ticket on the halo support website.

There is a way to submit a ticked but for some -Yoink!- reason it is hidden very well.

Go here: ttps://
Copy and paste to your browser address bar, and add the letter “h” before the link (it should be https in the beginning of the link), for some also dumb reason, links don’t work here.

Scroll to the bottom and under “Was this article helpful?” there’s a link to create a ticket.

I hope support fixes your issue.