Completed Legendary solo but no achievements?

I completed Legendary solo. In a nutshell, I did all the missions 100% by myself, online, with no disconnections. While I got the achievement for completing Midnight, I did not get the achievements for completing the game, completing the game on Legendary and completing the game on Legendary solo. When I went to check my campaign progress, suddenly Missions 2-6 are locked and say I have not completed them AT ALL… when obviously I did.

This is obviously a glitch as my Commendations and Service Record register that I did complete all the missions on Legendary, and I also got the unlocks for the Mark IV armor and visor. I read the issue thread and while 343 say the Title Update fixes it, it hasn’t fixed mine. Has anyone experienced this problem lately and can offer assistance?

I think you have to be logged in xbox gold the entire time or it doesn’t work.

I had a similar issue, where i got the achievement for finishing the game solo on legendary, but my service record kept saying that i never completed a level (which i clearly did) so it wouldnt unlock the Armor/visor, etc.

I basically ended up just going through one of the levels again on legendary to ensure that i finished it, and then the stuff was unlocked.

Even though you’ve unlocked the stuff you may want to check through your service record on the game, and here on the site to make sure you didnt miss anything, because it is probably some small detail that is throwing everything off.

hopefully you’ll be able to find out what went wrong.