completed all 5 ops episodes but no achieveme

So I completed all episodes, 25 chapters but NO ACHIEVEMENT !!! WTF !!!

Same problem here :frowning:

Same. Lol this game.

Play chapter 1 of episode 1 on any difficulty, this should hopefully unlock the achievement.

I had the same problem. I had the first 20 done all solo legendary, and then 20 or so on co-op.This latest episode seemed way to hard on legendary, but since it said to complete all on any difficulty, I decided to run through them on easy just for the achievement. Well, as soon as I completed the first chapter of episode 5 I got the achievement. So maybe go back and try that?

Yep I can confirm this too. Nothing really constructive to say about this. It just sucks. I spent a good chunk of yesterday getting most of the achievements (3 left) to beat my friend/get a special emblem(?) and now this wont unlock. I might just run through them all on easy.

Same issue here.

Re-do Chapter 1 Episode 1 and it will pop. That’s what I did.

The achievment is a little bit buggi.
If you have completed everything on co-op, just play one level on solo and it will appear.