Complete review of Halo 5 beta / armor and more

Bring back Reach armor everyone wants that…(MUST)
Bring a good ranking system which will keep people playing not make them worry…
Dont re skin guns and make them look -Yoink-…
Forge maps look i prefer orion more than peg because we can see more in orion and the lighting is amazing.
Dont leave markers when a weapon is spawning.
MAKE SURE when you spawn in breakout you dont die on the bloody gravity lifts.
Get rid of the assassination animations and add new ones this is crucial to me as a trick ninja.
If for some stupid reason you decide to keep the ranking system make sure the deranking and ranking is equal.
Dont start games unless it 4v4.
Change power of weapons.
Add a higher sensitivity option for the last ten years ive been playing on 10 feels like 3 to me tbh.
Get rid of the whole ‘war games’ thing this is multiplayer no one gives a -Yoink- bout back story of multiplayer.
Make maps colourful
DONT FOCUS SO MUCH ON COMP. you’re focusing on it so much its getting so -Yoinking!- cheesy.
Remove the halo 4 art style.
Dont make the menu so bluish make it nice and colourful.
please remove background music in multiplayer

Agree with everything you have said

Thanks i just want another game when i look back i will miss it