Complete feedback on the weapons (so far)


I have noticed there are talks going around that the aiming system / hit reg is failing at times, and this guide does not spawn from that. This feedback is purely focused on the weapons in the preview and my thoughts on them, and any comments made on them are my own, so other players may disagree. I will mostly comment on what I think could improve, and take it as there are a lot of GOOD things that aren’t stated here. Furthermore I want to point out that I want focus on direct feedback which could improve the experience, and that 343 Industries (IMO) have hit the nail on the head with so many things regarding the game so far.UNSC

The AR is the image of Halo in all its essence, and design wise it has never looked better, and the audio is fine so no changed needed here. However during gameplay the AR feels underwhelming while fired in full auto in close range and is easily beat by a player rapid firing the MK50 Sidekick. On long range with short bursts there is no damage drop of and somehow it shreds shields. This needs to be changed so it is only viable on close range by perhaps adding dropoff or increase spread on longer distances.

Design like the AR is good, but the audio needs a bit more of the high pitch H2 campaign “rattle” so it is easily distinguishable by other players BR sound comparison (see the 2nd last). Gameplay wise it functions well during medium to long ranges, but it easily gets beat by the MK50 sidekick during short range. Feedback is good while fired and it feels right.

MK50 Sidekick:
Design is a bit underwhelming but sound is good, current design is miles ahead of first look in 2020. Gameplay wise it’s viable during short to semi medium, which is perfect and it is fun to use. However it is OP whilst rapid fired in very close range. I imagine something like decreasing firing speed by maybe 7-10% would counter this, and on the other side make it a 14 round magazine instead of 12.

Design is alright but nothing impressive, but it falls short on audio, it feels “flat” somehow, perhaps “too realistic” and it needs that “Halo effect” added. It is a faster firing but weaker shotgun than the original Halo shotgun, so a potential change could be to add a more mechanical sound to the gun while firing. Gameplay wise I like that it is weaker than the original shotgun and you can actually fight several people with it, nothing else at the moment.

Design overall good, and the only thing I think could improve it would be to add a compass to the ammo count display (like the original AR), sound is beefy and fits the gun well. Gameplay wise its impressive and fun to use, but perhaps the rate of fire needs to be slowed by 5-10% on full auto so it dosen’t dominate the BR at all times. It sucks in CQC which is good and it fits its role quite well.

Design and sound wise it has never been better. Gameplay wise it takes some time getting used to. I haven’t had the chance to use it much in PvP, so will maybe add more thoughts later.

My boi is back and its near perfect. I have noticed that if an enemy is above a ledge and the rocket hits beneath it there is no splash damage, don’t know if this is intentional or not.

Design and sound is good. Gameplay wise the detonation time needs a slight increase to allow players to react to it. Also the “telegrapsation” of an enemy grenade needs to be a biiit more visible (maybe a trail of light to the fuse or something).

Warthog turret:
As it currently is the design is good and the sound is close to legacy, good. However during gameplay there is two issues. One being that the camera is too zoomed out and the secound issue plays into this i think, the feedback of the gun is near ZERO, which makes the turrent dull to use. A potential fix could be to zoom in a bit and add a slight camera shake while fired like the Halo 3 turret in this clip (at 00:27) H3 Warthog turret.

Another route the turret could go is slow the rate of fire and make the sound deeper like in Halo forward unto dawn (still add the camera shake and zoom in) Turret sound.


Plasma pistol:
Design and sound is incredible. During gameplay it is just fun to use and I can’t think of anything.

Same as plasma pistol across the board. Nailed it.

Pulse carbine:
Design is overall good, however it’d be nice if it had something that made it standout from the other covenant weapons, sound is good. During gameplay its fun and different, but I think it is misunderstood and it is best described by this video (which I agree with) Ascend Hyperion’s video.

Design is awesome and screams banished, sound is likewise. Gameplay wise it is high risk high reward which is good, but I can’t help but feel like it should make spartans go flying and likewise stick to walls when hit, like this spike shot does: This is from a Spiker but same concept. (Come on 343i enough with the PG13 stuff). During firing upon warthogs maybe it should not always be a one hit kill (it has been in my experience)

Same with Skewer for design and sound. Gameplay is fun and the arching shots over long distance is great. Damage is spot on and the charge attack is awesome and a great way of entry denial which makes for interesting moments.

Its design and sound shocked me (see what I did) and its great. Gameplay wise its very powerful and the ability for the damage to jump to other players is awesome. Can’t help but feel like it needs a “discharge” attack. With this I mean when the gun is fired alot it builds heat which can be vented either manually by the player or upon reloading (think area EMP).

Plasma Grenade:

Spike grenade:
Finally this grenade feels terrifyingly powerful and it has that “SPIKE” effect like the Halo landfall clip from above. Overall AWESOME.

Design and sound is great. Gameplay wise it functions great for area denial.

Heatwave (Banished or promethean ?)
Design is cool in its own streamlined way and sound is likewise. Gameplay I think the overall consensus is the idea is cool, but the damage output is near zero if not CQC. A potential fix for this could be to make the rounds track like the needler, but after the bounce of walls, so that the weapon has it’s own thing.

  • Summary: I think the weapons are overall impressive and feel very Halo like, however there are some adjustments which I think could improve the experience players have with the weapons sandbox and in turn make the game more memorable in such a saturated market. As I stated in my disclaimer, then there is a HUGE amount of positive things I haven’t mentioned as I wanted to focus on direct feedback which could improve the experience IMO.

Needler and plasma pistol sound horrible and need their classic sounds back.
Sidekick and heatwave are fine they are.
Bulldog needs slightly higher damage.
Other than that I agree.
You forgot Grav hammer.