Complete DLC Map Playlist?(Idea)

Hey Fellow Spartans.

Something I’ve been thinking lately while playing Matchmaking is that I would love to have a “Complete War Games DLC Playlist” so we can get our hands on all these maps we’ve brought yet seem to never be able to find in normal Playlists, seeing they have been implemented.

I was happy to see when 343 brought back out Majestic Playlist, and I started to think they would be switching between the 3 DLC maps every week or so; but seeing it’s been over a month now stuck with Majestic.
Kinda feels they’ve either forget about it or have no interest in changing it for the time being.

Guess We’ll have to wait for the Update August 19th before the next set of DLC to role out.

But what do you guys thing? Do you think we should have a playlist dedicated to DLC Maps, or just hope to find someone else that has gotten the maps?


5v5 objective/slayer game types on every DLC map all in one playlist.

Majestic = 4v4 game types
Castle = 8v8 game types

So yeah…