Complaints about unlocking weapons,perks, etc

This isnt a thread complaining about the complainers.

343i is going to give us 2 classes made by them. The issue is what if the classes are still not good enough for the people that unlocked everything? people will still complain. So i thought, what if we use the second class that the game gives us and instead of it being a class that the game chose, its a class that your last enemy has killed you with?

This was less people will complain about not having the class to kill someone, and if you still get killed by that same person then he/she is better than you.

i know this wont stop the complaints but at least it will decrease the numbers.


I am fine with unlocking the specializations as we go, but I think we should have the option to start on whatever specialization we wish.

Not having the class to kill someone?

All classes are balanced, and you will have access to just what you need to kill an enemy.

Costum classes will obviously be Good but not strong enough to overpower all newbies.

I can see some problems there but people want to take all the challenge away from earning your stuff for kicking -Yoink- with “crappy” weapons. To me, you’re good if you can use any weapon if not then oh well.