Complaint: warzone Brazil

I bought my game on week of release but until today I couldn’t play the multiplayer Warzone.
It’s absurd! Bought the game mainly for this mode.
Ask me if I’m satisfied?
What do I do now that I’ve finished the campaign mode?
Do only with the arena mode?
I don’t think it’s going to be good, I’m going to get rid of this game this week.
I will exchange it for Stars Wars.
Know that this failure is not General (only in some countries), makes me angry.
These things cannot happen again.
And then Microsoft Brazil?
You are concerned with the satisfaction of its customers.
I hope so.

Please come to Brazil

. Every country they support costs them more money if yours doesn’t generate enough for them to invest the proper amount of time and recourse you can’t really blame them threy are a business after all

I have to piggy back on american servers and I’m exactly on the other side of the world. Its normally fine due to my having a damn good net. Except now technical issues at my isp have reduced me to 3mbps since October 28th-yes mind****-so my kdr is negative. surprise -Yoink-