Competitve Team nMe ENEMY for future LAN tournaments/Online tournaments/ Scrims/ Ranked Mode Practice

nMe ‘eNeMy’ brought back from the dead. Notable achievements.

#1 Gamebattles clan for Halo 2… (wasn’t active but still #1)
Top 64 Pro Bracket Orlando 2007 - MLG
TOP 16 AM Anaheim, & Dallas.
Multiple MLG online tournament top 8 placings and ESL CUP placings for Halo 2-Halo MCS

Looking for People willing to get better and not have a crazy EGO. Trying to place well this year around and I know people willing to have a discussion and go over setups and align callouts are far superior teamwise than skill alone. So if you are willing to get on for practice, have good coms, and not let emotions take over during games you are the one! I and my brother are in the same house together. looking for 2 solids or individuals Gods preferably Objective/Slayer, but willing to assign roles once we feel comfortable as a team… I usually play support w/e we need to win basically.

Right now we got two peeps add we are both in Arizona ‘westcoast’


i will be willing to Play will need help with call outs and weapon spawns I’m coming over from CSGO I have aim but knowing the maps and setups is what I need to learn. I got placed in plat 5

My discord is schwifal#5010

I added you on discord. Quixster. Let’s talk, got 2 here who also placed high up in MLG tournaments from before. Looking to build OG team.

Me and a friend looking to form a competitive halo team for next year. Send me FR at RuNPuRe if you want to run some games together!

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1680 solo/duo and 1780 open que add me on disc mikeskilliams#0222

Hello there, You seem to have a lot of achievements! I am a player with 20 years of experience and MLG knowledge. I was too young at the time to join any major tourneys but while being invited to take part of a try out for team instinct’s practice team. long story short I was too young and was in middle school. Besides that I am ready to give it another shot for the competitive scene!
Current status: Onyx player 1704
Top 1% in the nation.

If I need to try out here’s my GT.

GT: xXGreatOsirisXx
Discord: GreatOsiris