Competitive Warzone Players: Are You Happy?

Since the updates implemented in the last couple months, do you find yourself enjoying the game more or less?

The Changes I’ve Noticed the most:

  • MMR based matching - playing matches against those in the same skill tier - Newly implemented REQ drip - Modified energy rewards for individual kills (lower) - Modified energy rewards for team AI kills (Awarded to individuals who damage boss, does not reward the entire team of 12) - Power Weapon and Vehicle REQ energy requirements (lower)Personally, I was under the assumption that the REQ drip and lowering energy rewards for individual kills was implemented to ensure games last longer (for sure this has worked) and lower skill players have access to high level weapons and vehicles. But then later 343 implemented MMR based search parameters so that players generally play against other players of the same skill level. So why implement #2-5 above if everyone is on the same playing field? The games are just so much slower and turns into a 5-10 minute stagnant BR battle before the fun REQs start getting called in.

What do you think?