Competitive Team for beginners?

I want to start playing competitive with a team but I don’t know callouts so if you’re a comp noob like me how about we make a team and we can learn on the way?
Or if you don’t care about winning that much and just wanna play comp in a chill environment hmu.

I’m down. I feel like that’s what I need. Idk why but every dang time I don’t play this game for barely a few days my aim just completey goes to garbage and I can’t play at all. It ruins my night sometimes man. I try to just have fun, but sometimes it’s like wtf is going on jesus christ.

Add me, we can practice octagon BR or magnums to help our aim out too. I also hardly know any call outs. I don’t use a mic often and usually play solo.

APEX Gaming XB1 is a newly re-established SC (Division) of our growing XB1 community clan of APEX Gaming. We are a rather laid back clan, with an ideology to admit both casual and hardcore/competitive gamers, to please both styles of play. Given we’ve (or rather I) recently re-ignited our halo group, I’m looking for players to join (and who might also want immediate clan advancement with a plethora of job openings). We don’t have any requirements for joining, you can be really bad or really good, all that matters is that you play.

Now some things you should know about APEX Gaming XB1

  • We are open to casual and hardcore/competitive players
  • We are an all ages community (although just about 100% of us are adults)
  • We began as a Destiny clan at the start of 2016
  • We’ve expanded into a few other game franchises with some growing success
  • I’m currently working on revitalizing the interest in Halo (as well as another game franchise division) so that we can have a total of 4 fully operational divisions.
    – If I can really get Halo going, I’m going to have it be one of our premier divisions in APEX, as it’s such a great game franchise.
  • We are looking for staff of all sorts for the Halo division, this can be anything from fire team leader, training staff, franchise commander, or even all the way up to the top of the ranks of General.
  • We operate on our own private website:
  • We have a clan chat based on Discord

I’m looking for those players that don’t give up easily, no matter their skill level, who can put in the work to make a clan truly great, bonds unbroken by friendship and camaraderie. If you’re one of those players, then we at APEX Gaming XB1 want you to join our cause!

If you’d like to talk, you can get a hold of me here or via XBL - GT: Wicked End89
– I currently play Mon-Fri (11p-3a CST) Sat-Sun (varies, but anywhere from 2p-3a CST)…also might not always be on Halo (have a clan to run and all), but if I’m not playing with anyone in particular, I’m always down for an invite to play some Halo 5 or MCC.