Competitive Skill Ranking Issues

So far in my experience playing the Halo 5 beta, it has overall been pretty good, there have been some serious balancing issues amongst teams, but gameplay-wise that is the only issue I’m really seeing. One thing I am not agreeing with at all is the Competitive Skill Ranking system. The idea of it is great and I totally agree with its premise, but I don’t agree with certain parts of it. For one, I don’t understand why your rating goes down no matter what if you lose a match, yes, losing a match should weigh into the ranking, but it shouldn’t control it. I played the best round I’ve had on this beta recently, got 1st place on my team and 2nd overall, but my rating still went down because I lost the match. Generally, a team won’t win or lose only because of one player’s actions, and the ranking system should reflect that, as opposed to basing it on your team’s overall action. Also, how exactly does it determine how many points you gain or lose? because I played my best round all day, but my rating went down 16 points, whereas a mediocre round where my team won moved me 7 points up. This needs to be addressed, as it is giving some players high ranks that they only got through being on good teams as opposed to being good players.

I completely agree. I’ve played rounds were I was the best player on our team but we lost and the bar moved dramatically lower but I’ve been the best player on a winning team and it barely moves up at all. I understand that the skill system is to help put emphasis on team play but it seems completely unbalanced right now. Shouldn’t the best player on the winning team get a nice push up and the best player on the losing team suffer the least decrease in ranking?

I went 24 and 10 but had a terrible team my rank went down 34 points because that makes since

Dude this is a beta there will be no rank nor game in 2 weeks relax about your e ranking jeebus

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> Dude this is a beta there will be no rank nor game in 2 weeks relax about your e ranking jeebus

The point of this beta is for 343 to garner feedback for how to improve the game, so you’re saying I shouldn’t have notified them to what I believe is an issue with the game? That’s just counter-productive.

I disagree becuase that’s how HALO is from the start of halo 2 through 3. Its your fault if you drop down your skill rank. Its your teammates fault for lowering you. The skill ranking system is good. Problem is that it doesnt pair you up with the same level of players that you are. That’s the big issue here. Example: semi-pro player has a team of low rank silvers (noobs/casual players) agaisnt pros and semi pros. How are you going to win a match like that? They need to balance the teams to be equally skilled like how it used to be.

Halo 2 and 3 penalized you for loosing but the equation did take into account if you were the MVP in your team or the handicap for both loosing and winning side. Also, the equation also took into account the rank of the people that you did better than and whom you did worse than.

The issue with Halo 3 was that it was very loose with your first few matches, so goodish people rocketed to 50 and then sold the account. In addition the equation also wanted to lock you into a rank. That cause people to get stuck on a rank that was too low for them. I got stuck at 45 and it would on occasion drop to 44 but then go back up.

Halo 2’s ranking, in my opinion, was too harsh kinda like it is now. If you loose one game you loose 2-3 games worth of wins.

I liked the way halo 3 did the double ranks. You had your skill rank which was linked to playlists. The second rank was a culmination of your wins/quits(+1,-1) + your highest skill rank to award you a rank from private all the way up to General that was displayed across all playlist.

I would like a ranking system that used Halo 3’s overall system but tweaked skill rating.

Totally agree with OP. same happened to me played well got mvp and lost as a team deducted 16 points played very well got mvp on team won only went up 7 points. Unbalanced.

For me, provided the matchmaking creates fun and equal games that are of my skill level, I don’t really care what rank I am. I’m not making money from playing this game, I’m just playing for fun. I’m competitive and want to win, obviously, but my priority is games that go 48-50 etc. rather than 10-50 win or lose.

Titanfall has the best ranking system.

Why my skill rating is decreasing whitout im winning?

Completely agree just had a run of 4 or 5 games where I was either first or second in my team roughly 16-20 kills 10ish deaths each time and I gained about 25xp total and then I loose 1 game with similar kd and go down 45xp that’s just bollocks.

Me I don’t completely understand how the ranking system works. I have seen people with a gold rank with only 11 wins out of 45 games with a KD of -3… this makes no sense at all. I agree with the fact that it is broken, and should be looked at as to how those points are awarded before the game comes out.

While you are playing the beta look at the service records of those u play with, especially those with silver or above rankings. Some of them should have the rankings they have but others there is no way they should the ranking they are at.