Competitive Ranking System?

Has anyone herd any news about the competitive ranking system in halo 4, or if there is even gonna be one?


Nothing has been released to date. Every indication is that there will be one. We don’t know how it will work, but we do know that it will not be Halo 3 1-50. It will most likely be something like the Reach Arena ranking system, but that’s just me guessing because I can’t imagine anything else that would work.

I really hope its not like halo reachs arena but thats just my openion thanks for the info

Whatever it is I hope that

  1. Rank only appears while you are IN the ranked playlists

  2. It is a hybrid of the Reach and H3 system to some point.

More in the sense that it is a fluid system and not based off of the highest you hit ever being shown regardless of you still being at that skill lvl or not.