Competitive Playlist & Social Playlist

Halo 4 is full of Competitive players, and those average gamers…

What halo 4 needs is like a “Noob friendly” Playlist. Like a social playlist, that has ‘ranks’ like in Halo reach. For the fun and the show off stuff. Now before those competitive players start shaking their heads, let me add something.

Now, war games should be split into 2 games. Social and Competitive. Meaning… Leveling up in Social Playlist is like what we do now, you play and gain exp. Now in the competitive side… you WIN, you get the exp (or skill rank) like in Halo 3 (<3). These 2 different playlist will not interact with one another. So you have a different k/d, rank, W/L things in each playlist. Competitive would have a skill ranking system, and clans perhaps. Social Playlist would have like a rank system like SR 1 or ‘Recruit’. (Sorry for the confusion, I’m thinking this out)

Basically guys… Halo 4 Multi-Player should have a playlist like Halo 3 based. Where winning is the only thing, and a Halo Reach playlist, where noobies can go and get to know the game, but still have a somewhat competition.

In the video link below, it kinda explains what ‘I’ am thinking about how halo multiplier should go.

343 industries, don’t get me wrong the things you do to the game is pretty fun and new. I love what you are doing and I hope we can get a more competitive feel to Halo cause it is completely different from how CoD plays.

Halo = A team game…CoD = A lonewolf game.