Competitive players looking for team/clan

Hello, I’m the leader of a competitive clan/team called The Infamous Demons. We are a very active, competative(obviously), Die hard Halo fans who want to be seen and know this year just as we had in our glory runs before, if you want to join you must be 15 or older, have a mic, and be competitive/active and we promise we will have our win streaks like none ever before I know I seem dramatic but those who are communicative, play to win, and play smart can take it all the way I set up my clan in a diffrent way than others
If your on the team then Your in the top 4 of the clan
if your not on the team then you are still in the clan
if you want to be on the team you have to prove to be better than one that’s already on the team
must pass tryouts and have good chemistry with teammates on the team
this will ensure that anybody who wants to do tournaments and are in it to win it will try their hardest to be on the team
and questions we can talk on Xbox or here(I prefer Xbox) thank you and hope you tryout :wink:

Hmm I do not work well alone, although I work great in teams. Could I have more info if I am allowed (14 years old birthday in June) Thx. (Gamertag is DHG Serpentine)

I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot