Competitive players are selfish

How often do you see a casual player trying to change and remove a classic playlist. I for one have never seen it. Now how often do you see competitive players trying to change and remove a more casual playlist like infinity slayer. There are 100’s of post’s complaining about the changes 343 are adding to INFINITY SLAYER, complaining about the new ordinance system, Armour abilities and load-outs. Competitive players need to stop complaining and play the playlist’s that suit you, instead of ruining it for the people who just want to have fun with halo.

Complaining about complainers…

“But can you prove it?”

Casual players are clueless.

^^See I can do that too.

Casual Players can be just as selfish. Like complaining how a weapon is too useful so they nerf it (instead of buffing the other weapons to compensate). Or complaining about Armor Lock being removed so they want it back (very few actually liked it). Also during the Hao 3 days on, I had seen selfish things posted by the casuals (remove the ranking system and find someway to “nerf the pros” was one of them).

Let’s not forget the “nerf certain vehicle” posts (which I agree with in someways but disagree with in others). Or the posts about not wanting any change to the Living Dead playslists (including the removal of complete camping posts). Everyone is selfish to a certain extent.

How often do you see casual players bashing competitive players for being good?
How often do you see them mock the TU settings, and players that prefer it?
How often do you see casual players caring for what the competitive players have to say or what they want?

It’s a 2-way street, pal.

I have to say with the way things are going around here lately, I prefer the fallout modding community more recently.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, and yes I am selfish. However not in the manner you speak of :stuck_out_tongue:

I think casual and competitive players alike removed my rocket race and want to remove my infection, so I don’t like anyone.

I’m a very competitive player. and I understand that things for Halo are going to be added and removed. I understand that there are a variety of players that like a variety of stuff. I respect their opinions and votes. what I don’t respect is casual people automatically blaming me for apparently wanting to have their stuff removed.

True but then competitive players often know much more about game design than casuals and therefore can realise the deeper implications of what 343 is doing.

And casuals don’t really care what they play, that’s why they are casuals.

-> Just stop dividing the community, this isn’t helping anyone.

Vice Versa, and not all competitive players are selfish. Also, some people just really want to help the game, though sometimes it leads to some flaming and nonconstructive posts.


I don’t like the direction this thread is taking. These so called “competitive vs. casual” discussion don’t end well.