Competitive Multiplayer aside, I'm excited. Who else?

After reading the Gameinformer article I’m absolutely pumped for this game. Just reading the way the first level plays out and the amount of new banter between Chief and Cortana make me excited for the story. The way the elite’s look now, the cinematic moments they talk about, and just the look of the environments are great. The new co-op modes where they constantly add new missions every week/month sound crazy. Getting three buddies together once a week not to just “beat a high score” or “get to wave 50” but actually play new dynamic missions is one of the coolest takes on co-op I’ve ever seen.

Bottom line, the gameplay does seem like its going to change, but if the changes help the presentation of the game and make it more fun to play. I don’t mind. As a franchise I think 343 is doing right by Halo.