Competitive Matchmaking - Finding Games

Hi all,

For the longest time now I have been unable to ever find a game in all competitive playlists except for Halo 3 TS, Doubles and the occasional Halo CE Doubles. Playlists such as H2A Hardcore, Halo 3 hardcore etc I have never had a match despite searching for hours.

Is this a general lack of popularity or may there be an issue on my side? From what I have gathered from friends it seems they also suffer with the same issue, in that case it would be awesome to have a Comp playdate where we try to populate these playlists.


It is lack of activity. No one plays ranked.

Ranked is dead there isn’t a point in playing it

The H3 TS population was fairly small but matches were findable after long search times… 343 made a change by removing party matching and as a result people would form teams of 4 and match 4 solo players in H3 TS (they’d also stream it on Twitch). They’d keep matching 4 solo players in ranked. I remember when the change happened… people were upset and extremely frustrated (and surprised!). Eventually these changes by 343 of removing party matching in social and ranked cleared out the playlists and people moved on from MCC and Halo altogether sadly. This is the reason I don’t search social solo anymore and stopped playing. I prefer to play solo and I don’t have the time or interest to form a team just so the games are winnable against the few teams that search. Another reason I don’t want to form a team is because there’s no fun in obliterating people playing social solo. I would love to play regularly again but any time I hop on for social 4v4 I’m being matched against a team of 4 (or 3) with generally poorly skilled or new players on my team. So everyone just quits out or stops playing. I miss the days where I could grind the game day or night and not have to worry about matching a team of more than 2 people. The game was more balanced and fairer so people generally didn’t quit and everyone played the match.

I’ve run into the same issue for years now. I think we need a real ranked re-haul; give us the ability to search multiple ranked playlists at once just like in social, give us custom skins for earning rank 25, and special nameplates for reaching rank 50. Also we need to leave the ranked rotational hoppers in the full list permanently along with the aforementioned feature of mixtape matchmaking for ranked just like we have the Match Composer now for social. These QoL features combined with things like Party Matchmaking and decreasing the amount of wins it takes to reach a 50 would drastically increase player count back to the ranked modes again.

100% agree with the points you made there - It’s a shame as I feel like ranked in MCC has been forgotten for awhile now (aside from the automatic playlist swaps) whereas social feels very alive.

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