Competitive Maps!


I doubt this post will even be read by anyone at 343 but I feel if I don’t at least get my thoughts out ill never know. Anyways as I was, this whole post is going to be about DLC that has been coming out for Halo games and also maps that have done well and for what reasons.

The DLC that have came out for Halo: Reach lack something I like to call “Pizzz Azzz”, also the non DLC maps do also! The reason maps in H2 and H3 did so well was that any kind of player could play certain maps like Lockout, Beaver Creek, or The Pit and have a fun time. For instance the player that isn’t “Hardcore” could love The Pit just for the fact of it was fun and easy to remember the layout and the “Hardcore” player should have loved The Pit because it was symetrical and different game types it can play.

Anyways I am just trying to speak my mind a little without -Yoink!- anyone off or sounding like I shouldnt have opened my mouth.

343! I almost want to say i challenge you for the next DLC or one after that, try to come up with 2 maps that could out do Lockout or even Midship, try and push yourself too measures you didnt think you could! Make sure it caters to both “Hardcore” and Non Hardcore players. Just please do this I feel like I am down on my knees asking for better maps, and you know what to think about it, really good maps equals a lot of money and I am gonna say that your DLC has not been doing has good as it once was.

Thanks for reading,
-Biggie “A huge Halo FAN!”
“Side Note” I posted this in Forge because Forge is good for competitive maps but gets boring playing a forge map that is gray :confused: and also sorry for my rant not being more descriptive or organised.

I can’t agree that a developer is pushing themselves by remaking a map for a 2nd or even 3rd time. I do understand in the need for visual variety however.

Honestly, as far I as I keep reading, the community does a better job of making and tweaking maps intended for specific community play. Is there a problem with using the “Docking Bay” of Forge World to create any maps wanted from the past, other than the monotonous visual style?

Would that mean that a human and Covenant “three-pad” Forge World addition be more helpful in allowing for maps to have visual diversity? I myself would like to see a Covenant take on Hang’em High as we do have 1 Human and 2 Forerunner versions.

i’ve seen a lot of well designed maps where they use the forge to good effect by lighting certain areas- takes out the feeling of monotony