"Competitive gaming"

At this time halo does not seem as competitive as it once was, with MLG (GameBattles) dropping halo and 343i’s new idea “HCS” it doesn’t seem like it’s for the average competitive player. With that being said a have an idea of building a “Halo League” where we can have ladders and leaderboards. This proposal could possibly improve the halo community, by bringing the semi competitive players together in a like minded environment.
Ladders I would like to see.
•1v1 Singles
•2v2 doubles
•3v3 and 4v4 team
As the halo community continues to dwindle, Breaking Reality Gaming is willing to stand at the fore front of the movement to re-build this once great community.
Any questions please feel free to MSG me on Xbox live eXoSTINGNETTLE
Also please tell us what you think about this proposal. Thanks in advance.

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