Competitive gaming is this games only hope

I wont bore you with a massive story about how ive played halo for the past however many years, we all know that this game series has been rapidly going down hill since Reach, and we all know that the halo 4 player total has suffered because of it, and is still dwindling.

Its only a few months into the release of halo 4 so there is still hope yet, but it seems obvious that this initial gearing towards casual play damaged the population from the get go. So what do we do now? The only alternative I can see is making a push on competitive halo. Whilst halo is no longer a part of MLG, there is still a competitive halo fan base (AGL proves that), and if 343 can harness this and promote more competitiveness into the game, maybe we can see a return from some of the players missing competitive halo. We are already getting a competitive halo playlist, which is definitely a step in the right direction. CSR is also coming back , which is also good for the competitive halo players (though ive heard that this is viewable on waypoint only, which is kinda crappy, any chance of being able to show it in game?)

I know that there’s already a deal with -Yoink!- gaming, but if at all possible I think 343 should do their best to promote the smaller gaming tournaments, such as AGL, a lan tournament/league much like MLG. By helping them and giving them the support they need they could become the new MLG of competitive halo, all that they need is some publicity from those who can help.

We’re getting close to the competitive aspect that halo needs, i just hope it isnt screwed up again.