Competitive Gaming Community

Hello, I am starting a new competitive gaming site (like gamebattles). The site is still new. So I was hoping to get some people to join and make it even more active/competitive. We have a 100% working ranking system both in ladders & the site. We also have a lot of tournaments where you can win prizes. Because the site is new it is easier to get ranked now. We have a full group of volunteer staff who are experienced, trained, & active. Our Staff investigate all disputes equally and have no prejudice.

Want to Register?
On the top right click new members

Want to Join a Ladder?
First add your Gamertag on the profile manager.
Second go to the ladder you want and click Join This Ladder

Want to Join a Tournament?
Go to the Tournament Page & Find one you would be interested in.

Want to Apply for staff?
Hoover over the staff button and click the Apply For Staff Button below.

I don’t think this is allowed here buddy.