Competitive and Fun Clan for MCC Now Recruiting

Hello Waypoint

An experienced and Competitive clan is now starting to unfold and is currently looking for new active members. The clan is called: United Planetary Republic (UPR)

Who we are

We are a clan for the new Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and other Halo games to come. We compete in Halo events in a competitive manner. Events like: clan battles, tournaments, and major Halo competitive gaming events, are some of the competitive events we take part of.

The UPR also participates in recreational events such as online and LAN parties, get-togethers and playthroughs, and meeting up to talk about general topics.

The UPR is a clan for serious and competitive Halo players as well as casual and fun players as well.

Due to majority of us having experience with clans and groups, we are very knowledgeable when it comes to making a fun, comfortable, and competitive community group.

The Founder

The UPR’s founder/leader here at Waypoint is: AbusiveAlpaca65

Abusive Alpaca65 has been leading clans since Halo 2, almost ten years of experience. He has been searching for a decent clan on MCC but have yet to find one, so he figured he would try to put his expertise to good use.

Contact him if you have any questions.

The Clan

The clan is set like a military roleplay (Ranks and anything like that). We also enjoy having branches/departments, and they tend to work if set up correctly. We would like to partake in casual and serious clan battles, along with an MLG team if that is what we want. We also enjoy a somewhat of a point system, such as, if you get a certain amount of recruits, or successfully lead a game or clan battle, or other things like that, then you get a promotion. That is only part of what we hope to see in this clan, but it is all up to the members. Nothing is fully set in stone as we would like to discuss the natures of the clan to make it suitable for everyone.

The Website

The United Planetary Republic has a website that will give you more insight on what the clan is about, what we do, and how it will be done.

The URL to the website is:

How to Become Part of UPR

Two ways of becoming a clan member.

One - Go to the website listed above and applying in the Enlistment section under the Ranks section of the website.
Two - Contact AbusiveAplaca65 himself.

Last Statements
The United Planetary Republic is a great clan for competitive Halo and recreational Halo. We are all knowledgeable in in clans and are willing to answer any questions you may have.

You may contact me through Waypoint or Xbox Live if you have questions.
my gamertag is: Tark301

You may also contact AbusiveAlpaca is you have any questions or concerns.

Join the United Planetary Republic and join a community of competition and fun.

Thank you.

Hey I might be interested. How many people are currently in the clan?