Compendium of Infinite Concerns

First off, the core gameplay is good. A lot of the maps are good. The art style is good.
But I’ve been in heavy agreement with a lot of the feedbacks and criticisms voiced thus far.
Here is my own list of issues that I personally feel must be remedied.

  • No Player Collision (I know you’ve all experienced going through enemies and getting totally disoriented, especially when meleeing)

  • No Friendly Fire (encourages bad habits, spam, and anti-skillful playing)

  • Heavy vehicles (the whole point of BTB) never spawning, or if they do it’s with seconds left

  • Terrible, irredeemably bad menus with too many layers on every facet of the game and horizontal scrolling.

  • Players in your lobby should all be listed (vertically!) on the side of the screen, and upon hovering over each one I should see their spartan and an assortment of Service Record details. To put it simply, just give us a Halo Reach menu/lobby/UI experience, everything about Infinite’s UI/UX is bad.

  • Radically bad HUD for no reason, not even an option to use the classic HUD layout and bullet counter (plus grenades not being shown side by side)

  • Player outlines are really bad for gameplay and they detract from the good-looking armor which is the whole reason you removed the Red vs Blue team colors to begin with. Just remove them from the game and give us names/service tags above our teammates.

  • No map interactions (think opening gates on High Ground or Zanzibar, lowering bridges, teleporters, conveyor belts, etc)

  • BTB maps are very bad for ground vehicles, with no wide-open space for them to do their thing. Feels like you’re stuck on an F1 racetrack.

  • Tiny number of emblems and can’t even customize them like you used to (Where’s my damn Valkyrie emblem 343)

  • Motion tracker range is too small, and your solution was to extend it by a measly 4 meters in BTB only? So now we can’t build up a sense of spatial awareness when we see a dot on the radar because it’s a different distance based on the playlist?

  • No overall military rank and no way to earn XP for it outside of challenges even if it was in the game

  • Only general playlists of “quick play, BTB, or Ranked”? Are you serious?

  • No blood, what is this a children’s series now?

  • Competitive Ranks are back to the medal tiers of Iron, Bronze, Silver, etc instead of the 1-50 system that was in Halo 2, 3, 4(just on the website) and MCC. Why? And one would hope that whichever system you use, the rank should be per-playlist rather than being in the same tier regardless of Lone Wolves, Doubles, TS, etc.


You make alot of solid points, hope someone’s actually reading these things for some insight. I am enjoying Infinite, but would like to see improvements such as these.

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