And no, I don’t just mean switching back to the old graphics. I finally got my original copy of Halo: CE back from my brother this weekend and decided to compare the two. For the record I love CEA, I just hope these things can be fixed.

While the game play is spot on, as you would expect, the controls are much tighter than CEA. When I squeeze the trigger once in CE with the pistol, I only fire one shot. But if I squeeze the trigger more than half way, I fire off at least three shots in CEA. Where as in CE I have to actually HOLD the trigger down to fire off more than one round. Even in the menu screens there was difference. In CE I can pull the joystick all the way down and highlight the option I want without jumping what I want. In CEA I pull the trigger down and I go from having Campaign highlighted to Waypoint highlighted. When What I wanted was the multiplayer.

I really hope that CEA get an update to fix some of these weird bugs. If anyone else has actually compared the two games and noticed anything weird, list them here.

That menu ‘bug’ is really annoying.

Very slight input lag when playing in remastered mode. It’s subtle but can be noticed when switching between classic and remastered modes. In classic mode it disappears and the controls feel more responsive. It could be a psychological thing but I’m convinced it isn’t.

This becomes annoying when playing in legendary because quick reactions are everything on this difficulty. I want this fixed.

Yup, noticed the same thing. The controls are more responsive while the original graphics are on. Very slight delay while in remastered mode.