Company recruitment: Aurora Syndicate

We are a new, active spartan company; The Aurora Syndicate. We want to create a friendly and safe community, where toxic behavior is not tolerated. We want to have fun playing Halo 5 and make friends while doing it. We plan on having a future in Halo Infinite once it comes out, but for now we are focused on obtaining the Achilles armor set BEFORE the release of Halo Infinite.Read our community guidelines below and make sure that you understand them so that there are no issues or confusion. We will do weekly gameplay checks on Halo waypoint to make sure that each player is active in our community. If the company is full or people have been removed, spaces will be made for more determined players to join. **If you are in another company when we look at your request or send a default request to join, you will be automatically rejected.****Leadership:**Community Guidelines:

  • BE ACTIVE! You must play 2+ days out of the week. (Minimum). Inform the leaders if life stops you from playing (7 days off max). - Priorities are on Company Commendations - Play at least 10+ games of given playlists a day. (NO CUSTOMS/ROLEPLAY - No commendation progress happens). - Please only have one account in the company. - RESPECT ONE ANOTHER! - Do not conspire against the company! - No racism or discrimination - Join our Discord! (Required) Discord code will be given out upon joining the company.THESE ARE THE ALLOWED PLAYLISTS:
    Warzone PVP playlists
    Warzone Firefight (Temporary)
    Quick play
    BTB Super Fiesta
    Any ranked modes

Company Link:
Aurora Syndicate | Spartan Companies | Halo - Official Site (

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