Company Please

Hi I am wondering if a company wants to invite me. If so, message me and we can have a talk about it. I also want to help companies that need the Achilles set wether it’s just armor or helmet it’s fine
Info about me:
I play every single day (mostly in the evening)
i am low level but I can surprise you
unfortunately I don’t really like to talk while gaming cuz it messes me up even when we’re trying to communicate while in a match
i do war zone, slayer, team arena, infection, grifball, btb (sometimes) and custom games
so I’m hoping anyone of you that read this message me about joining a spartan company so I can help achieve the Achilles set and just play together

You can join my company. But I just made it so I don’t have any members yet

Hey Mate i am the leader of Fireteam Achlys a new military clan that works together to enhance our skills and abilities as Spartans. We look for all kinds of players accepting any ranked, Warzone and/or new players to help grow Their skills together. We are also looking for warzone players to help us create 4 new Warzone units. In these 4 warzone units we are also looking for experienced Spartans that can lead their unit well and are organised for the fight. if you have any questions or are interested please PM me and i will respond as soon as i can

Field Marshal
The Wanderer117

Come check out our company…MG Eclipse…its a fairly small but highly active clan.
Check out our bio and if it sounds like a fit message me back.

Hey there ElectriApex -

Our company definitely needs some help getting the Achilles armor if you are willing to lend a hand! Our Company is the PMS Clan - we play together almost every day as well. We run a mixture of of gametypes (Team Arena, SWAT, BTB, etc) & we are always looking for more individuals to join our community.

If you are interested, please let me know & I can get you set up with whatever information you need to move forward.

Phelixia PMS

Elite council
I’m a sangheli fan and I know their are others out there…
my company is a clan for these kind of people. I know these companies are suppost to be for spartans but I thought there should be a clan for people who like the covenant, swords of sanghelios and other aliens. So I created one.
If if you’d like to join the ‘elite council’ just reply. This is a clan for people that want to have a fun game or just a good chat. I’ve got most of the halo games so I’m sure we can have fun in the game you like…

How long, or how many games do you play every week?

When my mates play them or when I feel like it :slightly_smiling_face:

ALPHA SPARTAN is currently searching for members.

We are a social Spartan Company and dont want much from our members.
We do activity checks but you should be fine.
We currently have 29 spots to offer.

If you are interestde or want more Information message me or the current leader - xXSarinthXx

Hey there, check out Nubbstompers. We’ve got a solid group of active members that use mics for chatting and call outs. Which helps make it less frustrating and actually fun (what a concept I know lol). Our Xbox club and WhatsApp chat are a handy resource to help you find other members to party up with. Which is great for building BTB/WZ/Arena teams up.

So if you’d like to join or have any questions, let me know or go to the company page (Nubbstompers) to sign up now.