Company looking for competitive players & forgers

The Brotherhood of Mambas is a competitive but fun clan that is very active. Every night we host game nights based on the desires of our members whether it be Warzone, Arena, or Customs.

We would love to acquire a few forgers to our clan that would like to host custom games and show off their skills of map/game design. Like previously stated, we have game nights every day of the week so there’s a plethora of opportunities for you to share your creativity.

Competitive Players
We’ve got quite a few Onyx level players already in our company, but it never hurts to acquire some new recruits that are all about winning. Soon the Brotherhood of Mambas is going to be entering in Gamebattles tournaments to put our mark in the competitive gaming community. If this is something you’d like to be apart of, we’d love your skills to represent our Spartan Company!

Other Players
If you are neither a forger or a competitive player and you sway towards the “fun no matter what” mentality please feel free to join as well! We are always welcoming new members of all skill levels, especially to acquire the Achilles Armor Set. Everyone will choose a commendation to work towards in achieving this long-term goal.

Check out our page and message me if you have questions and/or want to join!