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Company Freelancer

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Company Freelancer

This is Company Freelancer, Home to the Elite

I am Balored, Founder of the CFL U.S. Division and Leader of Company Freelancer. This is currently a Halo 5 Clan. We started in 2011 on Halo: Reach with the same vision we hold today, to create a home and playground for Competitive and Casual gamers a like. We are one of the best clans to step foot into Halo since Reach. Our constant vision and our confidence within our members is what has led us to where we are today. Our vision and our leadership is what has made us the clan and family that we are today. Since we are Freelancers under one organization, we are an anti-military clan in that sense. We do not follow the whole armor colors, clan rank, etc. like we used to. We follow under the understanding that a certain armor color, rank, or whatever does not define you in Company Freelancer. What defines you in Company Freelancer is how you hold yourself as a person and of course your game play. Now of course we do operate on Seniority as well, you’ll notice that all the Lieutenants and Admins of the Clan are all Original Company Freelancer Members. We will not tell you who you are in Company Freelancer, you show us who you are. So now, do you think you have what it takes to become a member of CFL and become dominant? Are you tired of going into matchmaking games alone? You think you’ve got what it takes to lead a squad of players? Do you want to grow as a Halo player and achieve your full potential? If you answered yes and are feeling confident to at least one of those, then sounds like Company Freelancer should be your new Home

Here are just a few things Company Freelancer offers to its members

  • CFL Forums
  • Events, Customs, Matchmaking, etc.
  • Excellent Leadership and Guidance
  • A Diverse History and Background
  • The chance to put together your very own team within CFL
  • A fun entertaining and enjoyable environment
  • And a Clan that works for everybody, especially, You!

If you don’t believe us we even have montage to show you a few things about us check it out if you’re on the edge about joining the group

Ranking System withing the group is monitored through color of emblem and also in the CFL Discord Chat, the Company Emblem IS NOT a requirement but during clan matches it is required to be worn with the proper rank color for that match, after that it is no longer required and optional.

The Ranking System and corresponding colors are as follows in ascending order:

  • Recruit - White - Freelancer Tier V - Khaki - Freelancer Tier IV - Pickle - Freelancer Tier III - Blue Steel - Freelancer Tier II - Carnelian - Freelancer Tier I - Aubergine - Freelancer Council - Pepper - Leadership - PepperThese ranks are colors are rewarded through activity through the clan and with clan authorities and members. The requirements will be discussed further with you once you have joined. All colors are ONLY Secondary Emblem Colors, the rest is pepper. These ranks are a way we can see who the most active and trust worthy Freelancers are and who we can rely on most. Can you show us we can put you at the helm of a squad leading them to battle and come out on top? Prove it.

Requirements for Joining

  • Must be 13 years of Age
  • Must of Course have Halo 5
  • Be Respectful
  • Have a sense of humor, some teasing is involved so have a sense of humor and don’t take everything so serious
  • Have a mic
  • Common Sense
  • And the most important thing is BE ACTIVE ON HALO 5

With the world biting and clawing at each other and fighting for glory to be the best, Company Freelancer has always stepped up to a fight, Will You? Will you join one of the best clans to step foot onto the Halo scene? We’d love to call you a member of Company Freelancer, and to have you at our side in this fight for the top. If you have any questions ask me at any time.

Balored, Leader of Company Freelancer