Companions... Companions Everywhere...

We know that Halo can now operate on a four-player co-operative experience since Halo 3… and so we should be expecting this feature again.

We also can speculate that Halo 5: Guardians may in-fact be another split campaign, akin to that of Halo 2… where you took the role of the Master Chief and the Arbiter… progressing the story with different perspectives.

Well if this is the case, we may see a lot of iconic characters… which would really give the Next-Generation Halo ‘AAA’ Installment, memorable quality. As well as a extreme turn-around in the Halo fanbase toward 343 Industries… and if they can handle it.

Yet if it is going to be a split campaign who and where and the separate arcs going to be set up?

Installation 00 (Thomas Lasky/Catherine Halsey intelligence)
P1 - John-117 (Master Chief)
P2 - Fred-104
P3 - Kelly-087
P4 - Linda-058

Sanghelios (Serin Osman/Rtas 'Vadum intelligence)
P1 - Locke (Agent Locke)
P2 - Thel 'Vadam (Arbiter)
P3 - N’tho 'Sraom
P4 - Usze 'Taham