Community Zombie Maps

I think that 343i should add some community made zombie maps to the Infection playlist. The variety is what made Halo 3 zombies so much fun. I know they are busy working on Halo 4, but I think they could get at least one person to look up some maps and balance them. Please comment with opinions.

Edit: Also feel free to post some good Infection gametype maps if you have any.

they already did add community infection maps, granted they are on default maps but that is because of the extreme restrictions that 4 player splitscreen creates.

There is not enough of a variety of maps for the infected playlist. Whenever I play, I find myself going to the same maps every time for zombies. I would also like to play on more than just the forgeworld maps. For instance, add in the maps that came with the game.

Da Fluffinater is right, Halo 3 Zombies was much more enjoyable!

I’ve only seen a couple community made maps as options and no one ever votes for them. I vote for them just for something new to play but I think the majority of players have already spoken. There saying now that swordbase is gone we have to play on boardwalk every time…