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It’s taking a while for 343 to find their footing making a live service game, so while they’re getting their barings, I think it would be productive to have a HUGE collection of stuff the community would like to see over the course of the games life, rating them with a super simple system of what stuff we want to see NOW, and what stuff we can wait for. I think it would make everyones lives easier if we had one place where we can share our own thoughts on what the game needs to grow in a constructive way. It would also make it easier for 343 to see what the community wants and when, rather than having to look through hundreds of posts across 3 different websites that all talk about these problems with equal severity.

Urgent: Urgents would be stuff we need now
Need: Needs are stuff that needs to be in the game eventually, but it’s understandable if that takes afew months
Want: Wants are just things that you would want to see in the game at some point, but aren’t crucial.

This is supposed to be a place to constructively tell 343 what we want, not harrass the live team, so don’t be like that. Of course i’d love to see you make your own wish-lists below or respond to my wants and change their ratings around. Let’s have a discussion about this!


  • Desync: Pretty simple. With the launch of Season 2 there was a notable improvement to desync issues across the board, but there’s still some work that can be done to stuff like splattering, the skewer projectiles, and melee
  • A proper store: Infinite is a Free To Play game, so whether you like it or not, the store is something that’s here to stay. Instead of this weird weekly bundle system that means you can go MONTHS without seeing just one piece of armour that you want, a proper store where you can buy anything at any time would go a long way, think the MannCo store from Team Fortress 2. The bundles would be a nice idea for the players that want alot of things at once, letting them get those things for technically cheaper than just buying them all together, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of everyone else having to wait to get just one thing, or being forced into buying a bunch of stuff they aren’t going to use just to get one item.
  • Halo Credits: Just like the store, these are here to stay. Instead of having to buy the credits through this super disgusting bundle system, just let players choose exactly how many Halo Credits they want to add to their account. If I only need 100 more credits, don’t force me into buying 500. It’s gross and very unbecoming of a company that’s trying to hard to do right by the players.
  • Overhaul to Playlists: The Playlists have been with Halo for forever, and although that’s super cool, it really shouldn’t come at the cost of players being able to play what they want. I think a good idea would be a simple system of submenus that lead the players to what gamemodes they want. When you want to play multiplayer, there’d be you options for Arena and Big Team. So if I want to play Tactical Slayer, I can click on the Arena menu and then the Tactical Slayer menu, and it can take me to the list of Tactical Slayer variations that I can load into, as well as a quickplay option, which would queue me for all of them together if I don’t really mind at all. Even better would be something like Team Fortress 2’s matchmaking, where the players can make their own playlists of gamemodes that they want to play, and even choose what maps they want to play. Really though I just need to be able to play what gamemode I want and when, doesn’t really matter how it’s done.
  • Fixing the performance problems: Halo Infinite has pretty bad performance on PC. Currently i’m running a 3060 and the rest of the rig is equivalent in power, and yet I see frame drops of 75 to 60 running at high settings in Big Team Battle. Considering that my PC can play literally any other game on Ultra, it’s safe to say that this is a problem on the games side.


  • “Leftovers” event: There’s a tonne of stuff in the game that we haven’t seen, and 343’s idea of how a Live Service should work is holding alot of that stuff back. The CQB helmet, Infection, Grifball, and no doubt many more are all being held hostage to this idea of dropping them in an event only to be taken away from us once it’s over. This is silly, and although I get where they are coming from, it really only takes one event to realise that there’s going to a TONNE of content locked behind these events for next to no reason. It’s demoralising and makes the game feel like it’s being held back to meet some kind of end that’s running off of faulty logic.
    So i’m proposing that we keep the events, but instead of hiding their content and gamemodes, we make ALL of it visable/playable at all times. The planned events could still happen, but letting us see everything in the game through menu’s first could really build hype around getting these things, and having access to all of the gamemodes is just good for the morale of the playerbase, even if they are just kinda dropped on us at once. That’s where the “Leftovers” part comes in. Stuff that couldn’t fit into season 1 or 2 would be fully viewable in menus and the most wanted pieces of armour could be put into the leftovers event pass, which would be unlocked by doing the challenges as normal. I think that would build community goodwill and show that 343 is listening. The events are fun, but new gamemodes should just be added when they’re done, not when the event drops.
  • Custom Armour Coatings: Oh yeah, we’re bringing out the big guns. I actually vastly prefer armour coatings to the colour system of old, but there’s no denying that not being able to make your own colour combo’s is a loss. So I think a simple universal armour coating that players can customise would be a great idea. Use the Halo 3 system of colours, where you get 2 main colours and a third for lights and extras.
  • Big Team Battle Event: Something like an event where there’s a big team gamemode that only uses Banished weaponry/vehicles would be nice. Just something to involve Big Team Battle more, right now it feels kind of left out.
  • Give Plasma more presense: Plasma weapons have always had a really rough life the Halo games. Creative, sure, but also kinda useless. They’re by far at their best in Infinite, but still kinda lacking. A good way to improve them is to keep them as support tools by improving their vehicle damage. See a wasp? Grab a plasma pistol and start burning through that armour.
  • Vehicle buffs: Vehicles in this game are more balanced for sure, but they’ve become glass canons. The damage for them is perfect, totally doesn’t need to be changed, but why is the ghost stronger than the Banshee? Why does it only take one dude with a sniper to completely shut down a wraith? Apart from the Ghost and mongoose, all vehicles in the game need significant health boosts. Maybe by about 20-30%. I appreciate the want to make it so one dude in a banshee can’t shut down a server, but they’ve accidentally swung too far in to opposite direction.
  • Firefight: This one is a no-brainer. Firefight is CRAZY fun. Give it matchmaking options, but still let me play it solo or with friends in a custom lobby. The settings should be just like Reach. The best part is they already have 2 maps ready for it, with the House of Reckoning from the campaign being the best excuse known to man to add a firefight mode. For as much as I love The Banished though, we also need some outdoors areas. There are some great location from the campaign that could be closed off and turned into firefight arenas. It would be fun to tie the next part of the multiplayer story to that aswell, setting our Spartans loose on the ring to collect data or whatever. Don’t know how long this would take to develop so that’s why it’s not in Urgent, but this would seriously improve the game more.
  • Body types: The body types in Halo Infinite are actually really solid, it’s just that the armour doesn’t fit. For what reason? I have no idea. But by simply fitting the armour to the Spartans, it would go a long way to making the game feel more inclusive for people of different body types.
  • Unlock the effects framerate: This also goes for the facial animations, but mostly the effects. It’s just jarring seeing a 30fps explosion animation in a game running at 75fps. I’m assuming it’s to improve performance but BUNK THAT bro I wanna see silky smooth flames, my PC can handle it. It would be a nice option to have in the settings if you’re hardware couldn’t handle it though, gotta respect the people that still use the base Xbox One.


  • Raytracing: I can’t remember where, but sometime before launch it was said that Halo Infinite would get raytracing. I have no idea if that’s still going to happen, but that would be awesome. This game is STUNNING as it is, seeing it with realistic shading and reflection would just be amazing.
  • “Dot” reticle: The reticles in Halo are cool, but I personally just prefer to have the option to have a little dot in the middle of the screen as my reticle.
  • Master Chief core: Just a core in the multiplayer that becomes unlocked after beating the campaign. Let’s the player look like the Chief. Maybe there could be kits to look like other key characters too, like when other member of Blue Team get introduced?
  • More Banished stuff: I love The Banished dude. More coatings, armour pieces, and maps all based around The Banished is my dream. Tempted to put this in urgent because honestly this matters to me the most, buuuut i’m thinking a better credits system is slightly more important to the overall health of the game.
  • Remove Weapon Bloom: I personally can’t stand weapon bloom, in anything. No matter what, there’s no reason random chance should be effecting my odds of winning. It’s a controversial take, so something like a “slayer pro” gamemode that removes weapon bloom would be a nice compromise, but i’d prefer if it was just removed totally.

I don’t have the enthusiasm to type out all of my wishes and wants but I agree with a lot of yours.

Desync and Server Lag should have been the priority since Nov of last year. It’s the main reason everyone I know quit the game, most not even wanting to come back to check out the new season. Friends have just completely gave up on this experience and now I’m that one and only person on peoples friends list they see on this game.

I don’t have any hope in them fixing these issues at this point since they have admitted to ignoring them this past 8 months. Which means any new game modes people come back to check out will have the same experience that caused them to quit originally.

As someone who mostly just boots up Halo to play Ranked the things I want most are new maps and being rewarded for playing the objective. 1 new 4v4 map since launch is just terrible support.

343i is so focused on having another chance at the ‘broader audience’ they have ignored us fans that stuck around on the game and treated us as irrelevant by not giving us the slightest of new content.

Whatever they are working on all this time hasn’t been for any of us.
In that sense I feel completely irrelevant to this studio and this franchise and my wants and needs aren’t going to be answered so topics like this are disheartening.

Back to my ranked requests, aside from new maps being the objective player on my team that wants to go for the win every match usually leads me to having the worse KDA of the match. So when I lose a game I lose a lot of rank, when I win a game I hardly move up at all.

This is anti-fun.

My favorite mode is Capture the Flag, I would love a dedicated Ranked CTF mode. Funny enough my least favorite mode is Slayer. Since 343i likely won’t ever give me a dedicated CTF mode I find myself actually wanting a dedicated Ranked Slayer just so I don’t need to do all the objective work myself and be punished for it every match.

Already I am compromising on what I want, what would be fun to me.
Just so I can stop being punished for playing objective.

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Please bring back Halo 2, and Halo 3 style playlist and skill rankings. Please incorporate 1 vs 1 matching into those playlists. Also, bring MLG playlist within all game types. The current playlist style is not enough to keep me around playing.

It might help you more asking somewhere else other than here at 343 Waypont as the 343 team are more active in places like Twitter.

I wish - more battlepass progession by beating ODST bots 100 exp and Spartan bots 150 exp each match as unlimited daylie challanges -FireFight with Flood AI -Spartan Ops with Flood - Infection with bots on ODST and Spartan -all skins for all cores -much more weps and maps