Community update was pretty positive

Lots of mistakes have been made and acknowledged and it is being worked on. Of course you’d have hoped a AAA title would have avoided these issues before launch but we are here now so I guess we have to dela with it. Hopefully the game is futures proofed as we go forwards and content is rolled out better. Season 2 servers will be down for an hour before launch. Hopefully this is something they work out for next season too as most games don’t have this issue either.

New big team map looks absolutely insane. Can’t wait to play it. The level of detail on it is fantastic.

Disappointed we didn’t get any new game mode gameplay, but we can just play it in a week anyway.

New battle pass looks okay. I could easily not buy this one, but I guess as it has 1,000 credits in it I’ll probably get it and save those 1,000 for S3. We finally get a chest piece that isn’t all black so that’s a bonus. Those Elite skull shoulders will be all over matchmaking I reckon but they do look pretty cool. Liking the fact they are moving away from cores and kits.

Overall, it was cool to see an honest approach talking disappointment, unrealistic promises and the fact some decisions were made for profit reasons but didn’t work out as they’d hoped due to poor reception (like no credits in battle pass) and that they are addressing community concerns.

Would I like things to happen sooner? Of course. But I’m also happy to wait for Halo to improve and I hope they can make that happen. Ultimately it has highlighted there should be significant change going forwards and the plan is to rectify the things they got wrong. The amount of people in chat saying stuff like, “6 years development”, “where was this at launch” is still absolutely insufferable. They’re in this position and they’re working their way out of it. Whether the position is unacceptable or not, complaining about what has happened and not what’s going to happen doesn’t help anyone.


I thought the community update offered a lot of groundwork for what is definitely a more positive direction for Infinite and I am intrigued by what’ll happen in the Narrative Event, even if my expectations are a bit low on there being anything significant other than an opening/ending cutscene and then doing Narrative Event Challenges for multiplayer. The rewards for Season 2 definitely look a lot better, those Elite Skull Shoulders especially, and with being able to earn Credits I see no reason for me not to get the BP when I can earn my money back. I wasn’t a big Yoroi/Samurai man but the Rakshasa is more of a style that I’ll probably wear much more than I did Yoroi.

I’m sure what people will be happy for the most is how 343 does plan to get away completely from the Core System although the Fracture Cores are going to take a bit longer for their pieces to be available for cross-core.

I do hope they let me keep multiple Armor Slots/Loadouts for my armors. As flawed as the Core System is, it is nice going into the Armor Hall and seeing my GUNGNIR setup and then a step to the right there’s my ODST followed by whatever I decided to setup for Yoroi.

Save for being able to turn off outlines, not many other of the tweaks/quality of life issues that were mentioned in the earlier reports were gone into but I’m hoping to see how they turn out when May 3rd comes around. The “Drop Pods” will hopefully be a much-needed fresh of air when it comes to implementing more consistent/updates tweaks compared to how Season 1 did where we just had updates at the start, then mid, then end of season with most of those updates really just being fixing BTB.

I am at least looking forward to May 3rd and hoping that we’ll get some other things added in when they’re ready that wasn’t mentioned on the road map while we wait for Forge and other features like Campaign Co-Op.


Bro op literally can see them say “we’re sorry” and then be like oh 343 isn’t bad at all they’re the greatest game dev company ever lmao


I watched for like… 2 minutes and the absolute rinsing that the chat was giving them made me shut it off.


Exactly what was positive about it?

They still have no ETA for D-Synch. it isn’t even listed as a Drop Pod bug fix…

Secondly, they still have not swallowed their pride and put back in Manual Server Selection, as was in MCC and H5. 80% of my matches are 250+ ms ping times because the stupid Server Selector “thinks” that Europe (Amsterdam I’m told) is Closer to me in Alberta Canada that Seattle. 20% of my matches were at 25 ms ping time and according to MCC / Halo 5 Selection Server, it’s Seattle.

Until these 2 issues are resolved, the game is unplayable and it will remain uninstalled from my Xbox One X. It’s basically dead to me.


Having watched from beginning to end, this was mostly restricted to the beginning (where the devs were rather slow in actually getting to actual content/fixes) whereas later on when they revealed the intent of removing armor cores and showcasing the BP there was a lot more positive reception.

Keep in mind that a lot of the roasters were people just spamming their wall of texts and emoticons over and over again and even after the news of eventually removing Cores I still caught messages of people demanding Cores being removed.


So they didn’t fix your personal problems, then there was nothing positive about it…? You’re one to talk about swallowing pride.


Glad to see they’re finally fixed Jorge’s shoulder, I can use that Armor Core without seeing a Black Clay block on my arm

But everything else looks promising, saw EOD in the Battle Pass which is, well it might disappoint EOD fans for how it looks


I thought the stream was actually pretty good. 343 was very clear and they broke down as many issues as they could for over an hour and a half. They seem to be working on a lot of the players complaints but for now, it’s back to waiting on them to deliver.

On the other hand, the Battle Pass looked a lot better. Much more enticing rewards, both practical and exotic. The flashy effects still aren’t my thing, but the Wolf pop up does look pretty cool lol Earning credits was something that should have been there from the start, but after some waiting 343 took a step in the right direction.

The maps… I’ve read a lot of negative things about these maps but from what I saw they both seemed interesting to me. It’ll be refreshing to play in some new arenas nonetheless and with some much needed new and old game types as well.

I think the Narrative looks great, and I want to see more… I’m not expecting much but it could still definitely breath new life into the multiplayer for me. Hopefully it’s not just another set of challenges and the Narrative has a story behind it.

I would have to agree that this update was more positive than negative.


It will have a helmet attachment.

I think this is a valid criticism, any players that aren’t NA are left in the dark because of the lack of server selection. I’m suffering the same problem myself getting a majority of my games in 180 - 210+ ms.

Of course, I wish they’d have left geo’ing in until they resolved it by adding a server selection since this automated system of going for ‘low ping’ games is… incredibly flawed right now.

I’m with waiting and still enjoying the game but I am probably going to sit outside of ranked for awhile until this is fixed.

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thats a silly reason to stop watching. Just minimize the chat dude :upside_down_face:


They talked about it as being one of the priority quality of life improvements. I suppose it’s not an easy fix. They made a game that “favours the shooter”. Reverse engineering this and causing a fix in laggy games is probably not an easy one. Even if they know how to fix it, implementing it may still be hard. That being said I don’t think there is an obvious fix for that.

Personally I’m not a fan of this setting. I prefer players to be bottlenecked all into the same settings to maximise the number of good, quickly found games. In terms of players in remote locations, or with poor internet, the game should identify this and filter them appropriately giving them a warning message that their internet or location may result in longer matchmaking wait times to find optimal games.

I don’t see the point of putting anyone in high ping games. But giving search options or sliders will always result in less quality games for those that use them or increased wait times. So for selfish reasons, I don’t want them. It’s another issue that is not black and white. They didn’t leave it out from negligence, it was a design choice.


I am actually glad we only got two maps. This mean they are very in depth and detail when creating new maps. Not rushing the details is pretty positive if you ask me.

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My take aways.

  • Little to no mention of desync, anti cheat or regional matchmaking search settings. Issues that hinder the game no matter how many maps or cosmetics they add.

  • Past update stated there would be little to no challenge swaps or xp boosts as rewards in the battle pass #2, yet from what I saw, from rank 5 onward they are rather common, one per second level even.

  • If you are a free to play player, you no longer can progress your season 1 battle pass. Unless you pay for it, you will be now moved into focusing on season 2 content. Why this is done is purely based on monetizing the system.


I agree, there’s no need of so many maps in order to have good matches, time by time maps will arrive. I think it’s more importante that they create well done maps, as I think the maps realeased on launch, they are thrilling, balanced, various, well detailed and also with some easter egg


Eh… I put enough time into what I already have. None of this new stuff matters to me. I’m not playing Pokémon to collect every core and armor piece if I won’t use them. The lack of cross-core is the main reason I don’t care. If we had cross-core, some of that I would mix with Mk V and Mk VII. Shame.

I probably won’t buy it, unless they add cross-core. I know 100% I won’t use the new core at all, and I don’t want any of the coatings or green armor effects either. Pretty much nothing of it appeals to me except the credits. Like, yeah, okay, I pay $10, and basically get a refund if I finish it. Maybe I’ll do it. If I don’t have a battle pass, there’s still zero progression system, so literally no reason to play otherwise.

At least all the Swaps and XP are bundled with an actual cosmetic item. There are no Swaps or XP as a single tier reward. That means there are almost 200 rewards in 100 tiers, sort of. Not really. Still, they’re bundled, two items per tier, which is a great change from past events too. First week of Yoroi was almost entirely Swaps and XP. Before the riots, all 3 events also were mostly filler.


It sounds like cross core will be a thing for the future where possible.

They mentioned both of these things. No need to go on about it, both being worked on.

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Watch the video :
Pause at : 1:14:39

Just as an example, at rank 56 all you get is a xp boost and a challenge swap. Thats for free and paid.
So yes, they are still bundled without a cosmetic item. Just a boost and a swap…