Community Race Night *July 22nd*

Hey guys, iCameTooEarly here. After taking place in CruelLEGACEY’s first ever Community Race Night, I thought I would hold another one!

I don’t want to overuse the maps used in CruelLEGACEY’s Race Night so I’m looking for new maps (Details below). The races will start between 9:30pm and 10pm EST. It will take place exactly as CruelLEGACEY’s did. After 9:30pm EST, send a message asking for an invite to either iCameTooEarly or LayzerzZ. You will be invited on a “first come, first serve” basis. Sending messages ahead of time WILL NOT increase your chance of getting in and spamming me or LayzerzZ with messages WILL NOT increase your chances of being invited.

If you have a racetrack you would like to be used in tonights race, please send me a message with the name of your track and I will download it and test it. I will choose maps based on:

  1. Smoothness

  2. Length

  3. Difficulty

Please make sure you have BOTH map packs downloaded. If you don’t, you will have to leave when one of the map pack maps is chosen, but we will try to get you back in as soon as possible.

You should give the race night a little bit more than just a few hours notice. You’ll attract more attendees. I don’t have any tracks, but good luck on getting your racing together. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the past race nights were posted at least a week in advance. It’s too bad. I have aquired some pretty cool racing maps since the last one too.

Maybe next time.


Thanks, yeah I THOUGHT I posted it at 2pm EST but my computer decided to freeze and I didn’t notice it. I’ll probably post it early tomorrow and host later in the week.

too bad. At least this time you were late :smiley:

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t have access to my computer the past few days. The race is still on for tomorrow night!! We have A LOT of tracks lined up and I think you guys will love them! If you’d like go ahead and send me (iCameTooEarly) a friend request right now and just add a message letting me know you want to take part in the race, and I’ll accept the friend request. Please do not ask to race right now, I’m playing with some friends at the moment.

Don’t forget! Race night is TONIGHT at 9:30pm EST!!

I will be there :stuck_out_tongue:

Good! I hope to see a lot of people here along with you tonight!

Start sending messages now!!

We just started!!!

coming if it’s not too late