Community Playdate: TODAY!!!

since the servers are pretty much down for the time being and while were all “recruits” how about we ditch the matchmaking playlists for the day and throw bungie a big BLAM! while they pass the (blue flamed) torch on to 343 by throwing a HUGE custom games bash where we share and play on all of our favorite maps that may or may not be in matchmaking!!!

just post here if you want to host a lobby or join one and im sure someone will either join or invite you, ill be starting off by hosting a Speed Halo lobby for starters, dont know what speed halo is? check out Achievement Hunter to find out

ok well i gotta hop off for a while to go to a DEP call but ill be back on later today but in the meantime find your friends and try and get some custom game lobbies going and then post em here to get more players in em

I’m up for some custom gaming