Community Playdate 15/05/2011

Hey Guys

Now that my Uni course is over I now have some more time to play Reach & with that in mind I was hoping to get the Community together for a few games. First off I dont know if this has to be approved by a Mod / Admin so sorry if it does.

Now on to the details, the Arranged time of the Get together would be 15/05/2011 at about 11pm GMT, from the time of this post going up that would be 1 week & 7 hours, Really just hoping to play a few with the community, probably playing custom games & if the Party want we can move over to matchmaking

Thanks for taking time to read this & post a reply if yo think it’s a good Idea & if you would like to join.

The date layout makes me think you are in Europe somewhere. There’s a bunch of European gamers that miss game nights, maybe this can help get them in some. I’d play, but my connections with (outside the US) is never good when I play Halo.

Good luck, though. :slight_smile:

Thanks I set the time to 11pm mainly because thats when most of my american friends get on & most of my european friends are still online

Well I am having a Game-Night tonight at 7:00pm Eastern for my channel if any of you wanted to join mine.

I am going to record all the audio and footage any hopefully make a high-light video of the best moments of tonight as well.

So if you wanted to join that you can just send a friend request to - Airmail - :smiley:

It’s going to be late for me.

ya kinda late

I will definitely try to be there. Would love to play with some of my European brothers and sisters, although I don’t know how the connection will be.

Thank you for the consideration of the time for us in the U.S., however if that keeps more players from Europe not being able to join than I say make the time a little earlier next time. We are only 4-7 hours behind and I know I am not the only one who enjoys a little gaming on a Saturday afternoon.

I keep missing these playdates, but I really need to make them. Is there any program I can download that will give me alerts on my computer (I don’t own a cell phone currently) so I can remember to go to an event? I feel so bad for missing the race one. I’ll try my best to make this one.

Maybe posting a reminder on your calendar on your computer, in your email, that will help you. Also I just peruse the forums at least once a day or every other day. I have just made it part of my routine. Make it priority and you won’t miss them.

*** Important ***

Due to clash of dates I will be moving the Event to the 15/05/11

It will still be held at the same times though, sorry for any inconvenience caused

Count me in. :smiley:

I have a couple of fun gametypes/maps if you’re interested.

Ill see if i can make it, im not sure what time it would be for me though.

Hey there, is this still going on? If this is a European playdate I look forward to possibly hearing different languages in my headset. I hope it is and I’ll see you then.

> Ill see if i can make it, im not sure what time it would be for me though.

Since your on west coast add 8 hours to the start time.

Just to be safe I will send all users who are / may be joining a message on XBL 30 mins before it starts

> > Ill see if i can make it, im not sure what time it would be for me though.
> Since your on west coast add 8 hours to the start time.

It is actually subtract 8. So depending on where you are it will be 5-8 hours behind GMT, not taking into account states that don’t adhere to Daylight Savings Time. If unsure just type in GMT in search bar, and click on Time Zones it will take you right to a place to look at your particular area.

It looks like I won’t be able to make it after all. I hope you get a good group and have fun. Maybe next time. :slight_smile:

Hey guys

The playdate starts in 25 minutes, I will send out messges on XBL reminding you just incase

also, please use the message to gain access to the lobby by selecting “Join session in Progress”

I guess I missed this one.