Community Montage:: need clips

Hello, I’m looking for clips for Halo 4 which I can use for an upcoming Halo 4 montage. I’d prefer the clips to be with snipers but other guns will work too.
If you give me permission to use your clips I will need your gamertag and will mention your name in the credits

If you have clips, just put it up on your file share and I will search them up.
Thanks for reading

I only have two videos in my File Share for the time being, give me a bit of time and I can collect a few more and provide the File Shares of some of my buddies who have otherwise impressive or even Wtf footage.

Not much with snipers for the time being, just a high multi-kill and a funny back smack so far. I demolished a few games of Team Snipers, I’ll see if I can find a few clips and throw them in as well.

GT: Nutcase Reborn

I have a beauty double noscope in my fileshare. If you need…
My GT= ManceRyder78

Thank you very much, I’ll take a look at them as soon as I’m done my chemistry homework :frowning:

Mancer, that wasn’t a double kill and also there were too many missed shots in the clip sorry.

I have some nice SWAT sprees and multikills, so if you need 'em I can upload 'em to my fileshare tomorrow (around 1300 hrs GMT). GT: Commander Pery

UPDATE: Files uploaded (2 SWAT and a Regicide)

I have some clips,only 1 with the sniper but they are still nice.