Community Mode Ideas

Hello everyone (and hopefully 343) I opened this thread to help you narrow down the list of threads that talk about new game modes. Just come here to wright your ideas, community! Here is the list of mentionable community ideas (the better and more unique ideas):

War Mode

This is a mode that follows all the awesome battles in the Halo Universe, and lets you experience them from first person. This will have the highest possible amount of players per match (at least 8 vs. 8, hopefully much, MUCH more). War (maps) examples- Battle of Installation 04, The Ark, Battle of Harvest, Battle of New Mombassa, the Fall of Reach, Forerunner/Flood War and more…

This mode will pit two armies against each other. Most of the time, it will be UNSC vs. Covenant, but sometimes, it can be Covenant versus flood (as they take High Charity for instance) or humans vs. Flood or even Forerunners vs. Flood. It will detail the wars as they truely happened historically.

[This next idea should only be if the player cap will not be as high as, say 30 vs. 30.] In this mode, every player will be the leader of a squad of 3 AIs (marines, grunts, minor flood, sentinels and what not) and there will be some strategy to it. Like changing their actions and reactions by setting them on offensive and defensive modes.

In this game mode, there will be scoring, much like FireFight, except you get to buy things with the points (or credits) you get. For instance, you got a killing spree? Now you’ve got enough points to call reinforcements if your squad has died. Got a Killtacular? Now you got enough creds to get a drop pod with a sniper rifle in it. Got 10,000 points? Have a scorpion! Its unbalanced in a fun kind of way. Got 2,000 credits when you play as the covies, you get a hunter squad member. Everything will still be very linear and very Halo. And very unlike COD (which I hate by the way).

The battlefields will be HUGE. There will not be a lot of them, but each one will represent a different environment type and a different gameplay aspect. One will be a space battle above Reach, one will be a tight combat type of game in the forests of a Halo ring, one will be focused on vehicles and will be set in the streets of a city.

There’s more to my idea, but this is the basic thing.


30v30 [elites vs spartans]

able to buy stuff from a dmr to a tyrant aa gun

My idea is basically the same but deeper…

Any new mode-ideas? C’mon!

thy ReaperMC had a great idea about adding objectives to Infection.

I’ll look for it, maybe I’ll add it. Thanks.

Can’t find it…