Community Mindset (Keep It Clean)

We are seeing a major resurgence in toxic behavior from the community and it’s time we acknowledge and correct it. The Halo community is a wonderful, diverse place filled with people and stories. It’s also becoming full of rage, hate, and vitriol.

Let me start with an acknowledgment and a bit of self aware truth. We as a community have always been a little arrogant and self righteous. A lot of this is due to the games being hyper skill based feeding our egos. Also we have always been well taken care of from our stewards (Bungie) and the start of this came from when Bungie left for Activision/Destiny.

This broke a lot of us, and marked a single moment when a lot of this distrust began to surface. Many people began saying. “Bungie wouldn’t have done XYZ” And I’ve pondered this a bit. First a great amount of 343i devs are Bungie. Their DNA has not changed as much as some might think. Second Bungie has fallen much farther than 343i. I love Destiny but it was riddled with greed and nontransparentcy from the start.

I understand a lot of the negative, toxic behavior stems from compassion for Halo, investment in the universe, and an overwhelming amount of desire for Halo infinite to be the quintessential Halo experience. But it’s become a headache to read people’s opinions.

There’s an immense difference between constructive criticism and the rage fed comments that we see on Reddit, Twitter, and here. Here’s what we can do.

•realize 343i is trying, the evidence is everywhere. They’ve somehow found a way for the gameplay to feel classic and modern all at once. I hate Sprint and I’m happy with the way it’s in infinite. Customization, while shallow as of now, is still greater than it’s ever been.

•don’t feed the trolls! When you see people raging and complaining, saying things like “Halo is ruined” or harassing people for their opinions. DON’T RESPOND. Many people do it because it gets them attention. And when you comment, like, and share those posts (even to criticize the toxicity) it gives those people a platform and amplifies how many people see those posts.

Passions are high, this game is so close to perfect. But a negative community discourages there developers from making efforts if they are only going to receive hyper negative responses. Before you hit send, reread your post and think if you’re saying anything worthy to the conversation. Are you explaining why you’re let down? Are you providing ways 343i can remedy your frustrations? Or does your post sound like an angry Karen on Facebook trying to bankrupt a small business?

And to the OGs it’s our responsibility to show people that you can be a little arrogant or self righteous in Halo without being toxic. We need to foster an environment of growth and positivity. We’ve never seen this amount of developers listening to the fans in gaming history, let’s not squander this opportunity to create the best Halo experience ever.

I want to close out with one final