Community Maps in MM

Hi guys,

Does anyone know if/when the maps from the community cartographer’s team playlist will be mixed in with standard playlists?

I really miss the variety and most of the maps were very fun.

I have no clue, there has been no word on this. I am also extremely disappointed with the lack of variety and community maps in matchmaking :confused:

Bravo recently said it is something they are aware of and giving attention.

Yesterday’s update indicated one separate, 2-week playlist will be in matchmaking in a month or two.

That’s not what I was hoping for.

Oh well.

Yeah . . . I’d like to see more in the standard playlists, rather than them being segregated in a playlist of their own.

I think the problem they face is the forge maps give some players (mainly split screen players) serious frame rate issues. Putting them into normal playlists could have a negative affect on these players experience thus driving them away. I believe that’s why most of the forge maps never got implemented into MM.

We’re constantly keeping an eye on community favorites and working with the Community Cartographers on selecting community-made Forge variants for each update. Keep an eye on upcoming Matchmaking Updates and Bulletins over the next few weeks for details on what’s coming when.