Community-made Halo Game?

I’m thinking that if the community keeps hating whatever 343 is doing that we should take command of Halo so that we can have something we all enjoy playing.

I’m sure we could all find a way to make a PC game or maybe an xbox live arcade game that basically includes all of Halo: Custom Edition’s ideas but improve on them.
That way, the community could make ANY map, recreate ANY weapon or vehicle, and tweak literally anything about the game that they wanted.

Maybe a couple hundred of us could make it official and make our own playlists and weekly and monthly updates.

Just an idea of mine.

(Then again, if we all went to play Halo: Custom Edition, I think it’d be funny if we had a 15v15 game where we’re all playing on a remake of Blood Gulch, driving Spectres and Pelicans and using Binary Rifles and SMG’s in Halo CE graphics…funny yet epic.)

This is why I think 343i and Microsoft should release Halo on both Xbox and PC, so the community can go to the PC and create awesome things.

Now re-word it so it sounds like 343’s idea

project venerance

> project venerance

Link Here

> > project venerance
> Link Here

That looks pretty badass.